Sunday, June 16, 2019

A CHANGELING FOR ALL SEASONS Volume 9 by Ayla Ruse, Anne Kane, Ruth D. Kerce, Dahlia Rose, Crymsyn Hart, Lena Austin, Judy Mays, Julia Talbot, Lily Vega, CJ England, Ana Raine, Sara Jay, Sean Michael

Publisher: Changeling Press LLC
Date Published:12/07/2018
Genre: Box set, Paranormal, Romance, Urban Fantasy
Reviewed by Gabrielle (

The holidays are a time of wishes and love. Each of these stories gives readers a sweat story full of those very things. The authors have built engaging worlds that are filled with romance and emotions. Love will find those that yearn for it and have earned the right to see their wishes come true. Life is full of surprises and for those that have been good treats abound. How many wishes will be granted in these holiday stories?
This is a nice collection of stories that will keep readers engaged with eh characters and their worlds. Each author weaves a nice story about finding and fighting for love. Many of these stories were interesting and pulled me in. There were some that I enjoyed more than others but as a whole this collection is a good read. Each story is written well and has good world building.

I enjoyed watching the progression of the relationships and seeing the depth of emotions in the characters. You are introduced to many different characters from Santa and his elves to varying versions of the reindeer that pull Santa’s sleigh. It was nice to watch the development of the relationships in these stories and see just how love wins in the end. There is a low level of angst in some of these stories and all are full of sexy characters wishing to find love. Each author builds their own world full of holiday magic. With many different authors readers are treated to different writing styles and plotlines. Amongst these authors I found some new ones to enjoy and a few stories from my favorites. As hot and sexy as these reads are love is always the prize. Time and time again love proves to be the gift of the year. A gift that continues to give and one that can be shared.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

THE GOODBYE CAFÉ by Mariah Stewart

A Hudson Sisters Novel, Book 3
Gallery Books
March 26th, 2019
Contemporary, Women’s Fiction
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher
 4 Hearts


For Allie Hudson Monroe, finishing up the renovation of the family theater can’t get here fast enough so she can claim her inheritance and get back to Los Angeles where her life and teenage daughter live.  But she never anticipated that reuniting with her sister, Des and a new found sister, Cara, would impact her nor the ties that bind them together would strengthen as time went on. As the final touches are added to the theater, Allie finds herself in a quandary, does she stay and make a life with family and friends she has made in the hometown of her father or go back to the big city lights where she is just a cog in a wheel? Allie is about to figure out that life has a few more tricks up her sleeves for her as she finally finds the woman she was meant to be in Pennsylvania.

THE GOODBYE CAFÉ is the final story of the Hudson sister’s trilogy and one I loved to pieces. As we have seen in the past two books (The Last Chance Matinee and The Sugarhouse Blues), all three sisters are unique and entertaining. From Cara, the untold half-sister of Allie and Des to the strained relationship Allie in this third book become the woman she was meant to be, to tap into her background in art to save the day and the theater that has become to mean so much to the girls. I love how the author delivers a character rich story that centers on family. With some amazing secondary characters alongside Cara, Des and Allie, the reader is charmed by THE GOODBYE CAFÉ as well as the other two books in the series. I loved all three books, but Allie was my favorite by far character in the series. She was prickly, caustic and determined to leave as fast as she could without forfeiting her inheritance. But we see the growth Allie goes through to book three and I know I had my doubts about her but dang, doesn’t the author deliver a perfect story for Allie. Between a love interest that started in book 1, The Last Chance Matinee, to making new friends who give Allie the strength to keep reaching for the stars. All the characters are well written and kept my attention till the very end of the book.

THE GOODBYE CAFÉ is a perfect read on a spring afternoon, with a chilled glass of iced tea and maybe some of Cara’s granola to munch on. Ms. Stewart delivers a fast-paced storyline that ties up a lot of loose ends as well as giving sneak peeks into Cara, Des and other characters lives as Allie finds just where she belongs. If you haven’t checked this series out, I highly recommend it. It’s a great feel good story that will leave you breathless and with a smile on your face when the last page is read.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement

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Sunday, June 2, 2019

SECRETS NEVER DIE by Melinda Leigh

A Morgan Dane Novel, Book 5
Montlake Romance
Action-Adventure, Mystery, Romance, Crime
E-book ARC
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher via Netgalley
4.5 Hearts

For lawyer Morgan Dane and PI Lance Kruger, trying to balance their personal life with their professional life is hard work, especially as Morgan’s kids and family often take center stage in their relationship. But when a retired sheriff’s deputy is killed and his stepson, Evan, is missing, it’s up to Morgan, Lance and Lance’s partner, Sharp, to figure out just what got the deputy killed and who is after Evan. The twists keep coming as they follow the trail and as more questions add up, secrets are starting to come out in the open. But as the killer draws Morgan and Lance into his game, they find the killer is determined to keep those secrets hidden no matter the cost.

Wow is all I can say after finishing SECRETS NEVER DIE and I can’t help but fall in love with these characters more and more with each book in the series.  Author Melinda Leigh delivers a pulse pounding ride from start to finish and the twists will leave the reader breathless even as they flip the pages to see what happens next. I sincerely love this series and can’t help but want more after each book in the Morgan Dane series is done. The author does a masterful job creating stories that have just the right amount of tension, mystery and character development to keep me intrigued and the cases Morgan, Lance and Sharp investigate are intriguing to say the least. The story flows smoothly with a quick pace right from the first page. I loved how the characters continue to evolve with each book and I lov the dynamic Morgan has with her family, Lance and Sharp.  Since the first book when we met these three characters, I loved how they just clicked together and the sparks between Lance and Morgan was so much fun to watch, especially with her three kids and her mourning the loss of her husband.

SECRETS NEVER DIE is a wild ride from start to finish with an ending that left me reeling. The killer shocked me when I finally found out in the last chapter and left my jaw on the ground. The reader gets a few hints but it’s like the author teases you into thinking its someone when in fact it is someone you really didn’t expect. That right there made me glued to the pages till the very end. I just could not put this book down. Ms. Leigh does a perfect job in keeping her readers attention with her latest installment in the series and its one series I highly recommend you read from the beginning in Say Your Sorry and I can’t wait to see where she goes next in the series for Morgan, Lance and Sharp. I look forward to reading more book in the series in the future.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement

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Tuesday, May 28, 2019


Publisher:      Berkley
Published:      June 4, 2019    
ISBN:      978-0440000648
Genre:    Western Historical Romance
Format:     Print from Publisher
Reviewed by name and email address:  Gina


Roen Shepard was the odd duck in his family.  Hailing from New York, he appreciated his sculptor, musical and artist siblings and tried to emulate their talents, it just wasn’t for him.  He was the fifth child in a very gifted and wealthy family he found a career that suited him just fine – a surveyor.  While He’s done fine for himself working for the railroads, which has led him to Frost Falls, Colorado.

Lily Salt is a life long resident of Frost Falls.  Cared for, if not loved by her fellow residents, Lily has made a life for herself and her four children.  When her first husband died, the town rallied to support her.  Now with Roen’s interest in the young widow they again are ready to step in to protect her.  Her children, however, have something else in mind for Roen and Lily. Still protective of their mother, their instincts about Roen prove to be the best.  Things seem to moving along nicely…slowly, but nicely until Roen’s past begins to catch up with him.  That past would be a woman he courted who then turned on him and tried to kill him.  Knowing what Victorine, the purported jilted lover, wants, Roen poses a solution to Lily—marry him. 

Can what starts out as a marriage of convenience turn to a forever love match?

As I said when I read the first book of Jo Goodman’s Cowboys of Colorado series, A Touch of Frost, it had been far too long since I read her.  Once again, even though it has been only a year since I read her, it has been too long.  In a reading world that has gone to falling in lust rather than love, but calling it love, of who can write the most erotic scenes, Goodman’s writing takes us back to the days of our characters falling in love with romance that gives you a smile.  There is sex in her books, but she takes to reader to the brink and lets him or her decide just where the physical aspects will go. 

Her characters are fully developed with multiple layers.  They have good points and bad points.  They come across as human, as someone you would know.  Even the children in her books and particularly in her current release, A TOUCH OF FOREVER, are written as individuals.  Each unique in his or her own way.  Secondary characters like Hitch and Fedora are also complete in their own development – not merely there to bolster the main characters.  Each character has his or her own role. 

Victorine and Mr. Cabot as despicable.  I couldn’t wait for them to get their just desserts and really enjoyed reading it when the time came.  Maybe that’s just wrong when it came to Victorine, but you’ll need to read A TOUCH OF FOREVER to see what I’m talking about. 

While part of a series, (this is book 3), and readers catch up with characters from the earlier books, each is able to stand on its own.  Goodman tells a complete story, building in small parts on the prior story, but each can be read alone and in any order. As well, you do not have to be a fan of historical romance or western romance to enjoy A TOUCH OF FOREVER.  You just have to want to read a really good romance.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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