Sunday, November 17, 2019

SKY’S THE LIMIT by Mychael Black

Publisher: Changeling Press
Date Published: March 2019
Paranormal, Romance, Urban Fantasy

 Obtained via publisher
Rating: 3 Hearts

When Kelly lands a dream job of cataloging Dregan’s books he does not think his life will change all that much but to his surprise the changes he experiences are life altering. Soon the books aren’t the only thing that grab Kelly’s interest. Dregan draws him just as much as his love for books but what will happen when Kelly learns the truth about Dregan? Can Kelly take a chance on his attraction, even if lives are at stake or will Dregan’s true nature scare him away?

Dregan and Kelly’s story is a sweet read. The two men are taken by surprise by the intense emotions that they are feeling for each other. Dregan has never felt like this before and he does not know what to do. When Kelly finds out the truth about Dregan he must make some hard choices and find out just how far he is willing to go for love. I enjoyed seeing their attractions grow and turn into something deeper. It was nice to see the two work and fight for their love. As the two work to figure out where they stand Dregan must also deal with his brother and the mess he has gotten himself into.
Their book is a fast paced and interesting story, but I would have liked to see a bit more world and character building to give the story a bit more depth. It was nice to see the inner workings of the dragon world and their matches making this was an interesting addition to this series.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book

Sunday, November 10, 2019

A SACRED MAGIC by Yasmine Galenorn

A Wild Hunt Novel, Book 9 in Series
Nightqueen Enterprises
October 14th, 2019
Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Action Adventure Romance
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by self-purchase
5 Hearts

Ember and the Wild Hunt are facing the Tuathan Brotherhood and Ember herself is finding that she will be in the front lines in the final battle with this terrorist group. When Brighid calls in her favor, Ember finds herself on a journey in the world of the Annwn to find a weapon that will turn the tide into the favor of the Wild Hunt and forever break the hold Nuanda, Leader of the Tuathan Brotherhood has on the group. But the journey Ember must take is fraught with peril, danger and more in an ancient, mystical forest. Ember not only has to battle the darkness that inhabits the forest but also the demons that continue to haunt her to this day. The question is can she find the fabled Brighid’s Flame and put the end of the Tuathan Brotherhood? For if she falls, the Brotherhood will destroy the balance between the Fae Courts and the world.

Wow, Wow, Wow is all I can say in the next installment of the Wild Hunt series from one of my favorite authors, Yasmine Galenorn. She weaves a story that will rock your socks off and leave you guessing right up to the end when the climatic ending comes to head. The series is best read in order to get the full scope of the why the characters got to this point and there is a few twists that just blew me away. I won’t get into them as I don’t want to spoil the surprises for those who haven’t read it yet. What I love about this author is that her stories are so well written, filled with multidimensional characters that just blow me away with their continued growth within the series. Her characters and the world building this author is known for make it one of the best series of the author’s that I have fallen in love with bar her famed Otherworld series which ended early this year after over 20 books. The Wild Hunt series is newer series that just rocks with a set of characters that will leave you wanting to meet them and storylines that really grab you right from the beginning. Each book in the series just capitalizes on past books and I love how the author weaves these storylines together into a larger plot that is slowly making its way to the readers in little bits here and there. A SACRED MAGIC reveals some interesting plot twists that were hinted in a past book or two ago and went into a little bit more detail about what may happen in future books. I know I am not the only one of this author’s fans to say, ‘MORE! MORE!’.

A SACRED MAGIC was read in one sitting and I was lost within the story of Ember, Hearne and the gang of the Wild Hunt. I loved every bit of the story and fell more in love with the group even more as they faced their toughest foe yet. The author weaves a perfect Autumn spell around the reader with A SACRED MAGIC and I, for one, am eager to see where the next book, The Eternal Return (out in December 2019) will lead the Wild Hunt next and just what the revelations from A SACRED MAGIC will lead to next.

If you are looking for a sexy, action packed paranormal series to devour, then I cannot recommend Yasmine Galenorn’s books enough to people. They are fun, entertaining and quite possibly very addicting. I can’t wait to see where the author goes next for her readers to gobble up.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement

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Sunday, November 3, 2019


Publisher:      Berkley
Published:      October 8, 2019
ISBN:      978-1984804105
Genre:     Cozy Mystery
Format:    Hard cover from publisher
Reviewed by name and email address:  Gina



Hayley Burke has landed her dream job as the new curator of the famed Lady Georgiana Fowling's First Edition library. On top of having her dream job, Hayley has the opportunity to have her own apartment in the late Lady Fowling’s home, Middlebank.  What is not to love in a grand old house surrounded by some of the world’s best known books – first editions at that!  As part of her mission to bring a fresh look to Lady Fowling’s work and home she allows a group of would-be writers to meet weekly in the library.  Life, being what it is, has a few flies in the ointment, or at least in Middlebank. 

First of all, there are the would be writers.  Agatha Christie fans one and all, but they are bent on writing not just fan fiction, but not exactly your usual fan fiction.  No…well-loved characters taking part in a zombie apocalypse just doesn’t fit with Christie or Lady’s Fowling.  And then there is Hayley’s co-tenant, Mrs. Woolgar who consistently finds new ways to keep Haley from her mission and to succeed in her job. 

Despite their disparate personalities Hayley and Mrs. Woolgar are forced to join forces when one of the writer’s group ends up dead in the library.

I was drawn to the premise of Marty Wingate’s BODIES IN THE LIBRARY, the first book in her new First Edition Library Series—a house dedicated to not only Agatha Christie, but to a host of Golden Age mystery writers. The idea of Middlebank with the apartments for both Hayley and Mrs. Woolgar set the stage for some interesting activities in this and future books. 

I never really warmed up to Hayley as a character.  It could have been the wobbly venture into the love triangle cozy mysteries seem to devolve into these days.  She came across like a bit of a doormat constantly giving into the absent boyfriend with his robot.  She just went along with whatever was happening with her. 

Mrs. Woolgar is your classic “gothic housekeeper”.  While this is a cozy mystery and not a gothic, Mrs. Woolgar’s character was actually likeable in the sense that she was a character you love to dislike. The character reminded me of the Cloris Leachman housekeeper in Young Frankenstein and I enjoyed her scenes.

Except for Val I didn’t care much for any of the other characters. 

Speaking of the love triangle.  A few years ago either the cozy authors on the whole or publishers decided to add these annoying love triangles to cozy mysteries.  They aren’t ménages.  If I want to read a romance I’ll pick up a romance.  I read cozies for the quirky situations and characters and having those love triangles just takes away from the story.  BODIES IN THE LIBRARY would have stood on its own just fine without the absentee boyfriend showing up for a quick lay and then going about his business.  And for Hayley not to call him on it was just wrong. 

The other thing that is annoying me in cozies these days is the push to be inclusive of all the Title VII categories.  I’m all for inclusion.  I think it’s important in these days to try to include as many diverse groups as possible.  But when diverse populations are put in just to look inclusive and not move the story along it annoys me.  Hayley deciding that two of the characters are gay and should be a couple did nothing to move the story along and seemed to basically be there to look inclusive. 

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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Sunday, October 20, 2019

WINDOW BY THE BAY by Debbie Macomber

Ballantine Books
July 16th, 2019
Contemporary, Women’s Fiction
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher via Netgalley
3 Hearts

Jenny Boltz has an empty nest now that her children have moved on with their lives and after a messy divorce, she is at a crossroads. Her best friend Maureen is thrilled for Jenny’s newfound freedom and insists it’s the perfect time to go to Paris like they always dreamed of. But with freedom, comes choices and Jenny is not to sure that dating is in her future even after the encouragement she gets from Maureen. But when her mother breaks her hip, Jenny finds herself drawn to the surgeon who helped her mother, Dr. Rowan Lancaster. With a future uncertain, Jenny needs to find the strength to embrace her present and take a leap to the future she wants before she can move forward.

WINDOW BY THE BAY is a typical Debbie Macomber story that at times is sweet ad funny and other times, so frustrating and annoying, it drove me bonkers. Normally I adore this author’s books with a passion but the last few books have been either a hot or miss with me. WINDOW BY THE BAY delves into two women, best friends, who raised their kids as single mothers and now must deal with empty nests. I initially loved the dynamics between Maureen and Jenny but as you get into the story, I found them at times to be quite irritating. It’s one thing to be on your own once again, no kids and lots of freedom to explore the world around you and its another to be condescending to those not in your age or career bracket. There were times I just wanted to smack these two characters for being so elitist and dismissive and yet I saw some glimmers that they were learning from their mistakes within the pages of WINDOW BY THE BAY. Regardless of how the characters first started out, by mid book, I finally saw some glimmers of positivity that gave me hope for these two women to find their happy ever after.

WINDOW BY THE BAY moves slowly in the beginning as it sets up Jenny and Maureen’s journey and once it finally got to the meat of it all, I really liked it. This may put off some readers who dropped the book midway through but if you keep at it, it does get better. The story flows smoothly at the halfway point onward and the characters do start to redeem themselves. I really enjoyed the children of Maureen and Jenny a lot as they were sensible and had some great advice for the mother’s at times, I thought was great.

Debbie Macomber pens a tale that will touch your heart at times and other times, make you want to scream. WINDOW BY THE BAY is not as good as past women’s fiction books she has written but it’s an okay read on a lazy afternoon. Now I am hoping this author gets back to what made me love her so long ago in her future books.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement

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Sunday, October 13, 2019

NOTHING TO HIDE by Allison Brennan

A Lucy Kincaid novel, Book 15
Minotaur Books
April 30th, 2019
Romantic suspense, mystery, Crime/Police procedural
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher via Netgalley
3.5 Hearts


FBI Agent Lucy Kincaid is good at getting into the heads of killers and victims both. But her latest case stumps even her. Three bodies showed up with the same unique and troubling MO yet any leads Lucy and the FBI gets lead to a dead end. But when Lucy probes into the case deeper and the victims specifically, she catches the widows in a lie and as she unravels the lies and misdirection’s, she finds a more sinister MO than even she imagined. Can Lucy solve this case before another life is lost to a killer who seems to be taunting the FBI with their kills?

I love the Lucy Kincaid series with a passion and NOTHING TO HIDE is a fast-paced thriller that will leave you breathless from all the twists and turns the author hides within the storyline. I really enjoy seeing where  Lucy goes in her career even as she and Sean ponder moving or having Lucy request a transfer within the FBI but when a case pulls Lucy in, Sean figures prominently as he helps her deal with the case as well down the well in her mind as she figures out possible connections and more. I love how this author delves into Lucy’s world with aplomb and keep my attention as I traveled along with Lucy and Sean as they try to figure out the killer and solve the most maddening case Lucy has dealt with in the FBI.

NOTHING TO HIDE introduces a case that has stumped Lucy and the FBI. Three murders of married men who supposedly led honest lives but all the leads Lucy chases down lead to nothing. Lucy is frustrated ye until she catches a widow in a lie does Lucy start to tear apart the lives of the victims searching for a motive to the deaths. I love how the author keeps coming up with unique cases that showcase Lucy’s wonderful and unique mind that just doesn’t think like others do. It’s fun to see where Lucy’s mind goes. The relationship between Sean and his newfound son is fun to read about and the relationship Sean has with his brothers also figure in the latest book. The author does a great job in capturing it all within the newest installment, NOTHING TO HIDE. The pacing and storyline flow smoothly and kept my attention till the very end.
If you enjoy a fast-paced suspense that will keep you entertained till the end, then grab the latest Lucy Kincaid book, NOTHING TO HIDE. I can’t wait to see where the author goes next with Lucy, Sean and the rest of the Kincaid/Rogan families.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement

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