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VEIL OF STARS by Yasmine Galenorn


Series: The Wild Hunt, Book 17
Nightqueen Enterprises
August 23rd, 2021
Paranormal/Urban Fantasy, action adventure, Ghosts, Vampires
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Self Purchase
5 Hearts

The battle that has threatened the world has finally come as the Dragonni make themselves known and hatch a plan to bring the Father of Dragons, Typhon, back into the human world. The Wild Hunt and its allies have raced against the clock to try to stop Typhon and as the final battle looms, they find themselves at a crossroads. If the Mother of Dragons, Echidna, doesn’t stop Typhon and put him back into stasis, the world as they know it will falter and chaos will emerge in the dust. Ember, Herne, and the Wild Hunt are on the sidelines as the battle between the titans begins alongside their allies of gods and others against Typhon and his ilk who want to destroy everything here on Earth. But as a shockwave from these two titans’ hit, Ember, Angel and Raven find themselves sent into the realm of the Silver Wheel, Caer Arianrhod. Now the clock ticks as these three try to stay away from the Star Hounds of Arianrhod and keep themselves alive as each of the women have something to live for in their future.

Wow, the final full-length novel in the Wild Hunt Series, Veil of Stars, delivers one wild ride from start to finish. With each book, the readers have been on a journey with Ember, Angel, and the Wild Hunt gang as they dealt with keeping the fae kingdoms of Earth from starting a war, dealing with issues such as love hate and more but now the father of Dragons is here ad his allies have the Wild Hunt and their allies in the crosshairs. I found this final novel full of twists and turns, secrets and set up of a world so vast that it has me eager to know more. With the broad stroke of a keystroke, this author delivers a rousing story arc finish that hit all my love buttons multiple times. From seeing the main characters, we have grown to enjoy and love so much grow and find their own happiness in the aftermath of the final battle as well as some things yet left unsaid and hinted at speaks to future novellas to delve into. I loved every inch of this book and series as a whole so much. Though I am sad to see it end for now, Ms. Galenorn delivers a story that ties up loose ends of a multi-storyline begun many books ago and introduces some new characters to be intrigued about.

VEIL OF STARS is the final battle between Typhon and his allies against the Wild Hunt, its allies and Echidna. The question that has been lingering in the last few books was, ‘Can the Wild Hunt send Typhon back to sleep or will they lose everything they have worked so hard for?’. I got to admit I was wondering how this would all turn out as the hints from the last few books had me eager to see just how this author would tie those questions as well as others up in VEIL OF STARS. I will admit that some things were shocking to read but others had me humming in pleasure as the story weaved a spell around me. The characters have grown so much all through the books and I will miss them all. For me though, the highlight was seeing more of this world Ms. Galenorn built from her first book, The Silver Stag. It’s vast, has untapped potential (which the readers will see in a few spin offs already announced by the author) and the promise of revisiting the Wild Hunt characters in the future.

If you enjoy a complex world filled with captivating characters, wild action and lots of romance, friendship and more then you will enjoy the Wild Hunt series immensely. With the author promising one more novella to round out the series coming in 2022, this reader may be sad to see this series end but am really excited to see where the author goes within this world of hers that she created.

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