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SHADOW WEB by Yasmine Galenorn

Nightqueen Enterprises
November 30th, 2021
Paranormal Women’s Fiction, Ghosts, mystery, Romance
Ebook ARC
Reviewed by Dawn (
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4 Hearts

It’s Thanksgiving in Moonshadow Bay and January is hosting her first holiday dinner for friends and family. The Witch’s Guild has her working on a research project which has her with an unexpected houseguest in Tarvish the Funtime Demon who somehow downloaded into her house while doing the solstice research. On top of that, January’s grandmother, Rowan, asks her and Ari to go undercover to figure out a pyramid scheme that moved into the town and is doing more than taking money from its recruits. The danger heats up as January and Ari go undercover to figure things out there, but they have to keep their eyes wide open for if the leader of this scheme discovers their plan, danger will be more than they can handle. The holidays in Moonshadow Bay are heating up and it looks like its going to be an adventure in Moonshadow Bay.

Woot, SHADOW WEB delivers the holidays to Moondshadow Bay in a way that had me glued to the kindle as I flipped the pages. This time Yasmine Galenorn delivers two mysteries to solve though one is lighter than the other and easier to solve than the other. I enjoy this series so much. January is character I can relate to and its fun to see her interactions with everyone in her inner circle plus a few new characters pop in that had me wondering how they will go from here in the series. Plus, we got to know more about the town of Moonshadow Bay as well as Rowan., January’s grandmother as well. The writing is top notch as usual, and I was lost within this spectacular world Ms. Galenorn created. I got to admit, if Moonshadow Bay was real I would love to visit as it sounds awesome and friendly.

This time, January is hosting her first Thanksgiving dinner and man, I don’t envy her in the least. It’s a daunting task but January is up for it even as she finds herself tasked with other things by the Witch’s Guild and her grandmother. I loved how the author convey’ s January’s issues in a positive way with everything. From dealing with her ex-husband to the daunting task of hosting a holiday meal for friends and family. January is someone I could see being friends with as well as Ari and the rest of the gang. They are so lifelike and complex; you can’t help but enjoy them all. I do caution that even if you read this book first, its best to go from the beginning as you can see how January grows with each book in her powers, her life and more. It’s a lovely pleasure to read her journey into standing on her own two feet and I liked seeing her soar with each book as she gained confidence in herself. SHADOW WEB delivers the perfect Thanksgiving story to start your holiday reading off right and I am eager to see what happens next in Moonshadow Bay as well with January and the gang.

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