Sunday, October 10, 2021

VEIL OF STARS by Yasmine Galenorn


Series: The Wild Hunt, Book 17
Nightqueen Enterprises
August 23rd, 2021
Paranormal/Urban Fantasy, action adventure, Ghosts, Vampires
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Self Purchase
5 Hearts

The battle that has threatened the world has finally come as the Dragonni make themselves known and hatch a plan to bring the Father of Dragons, Typhon, back into the human world. The Wild Hunt and its allies have raced against the clock to try to stop Typhon and as the final battle looms, they find themselves at a crossroads. If the Mother of Dragons, Echidna, doesn’t stop Typhon and put him back into stasis, the world as they know it will falter and chaos will emerge in the dust. Ember, Herne, and the Wild Hunt are on the sidelines as the battle between the titans begins alongside their allies of gods and others against Typhon and his ilk who want to destroy everything here on Earth. But as a shockwave from these two titans’ hit, Ember, Angel and Raven find themselves sent into the realm of the Silver Wheel, Caer Arianrhod. Now the clock ticks as these three try to stay away from the Star Hounds of Arianrhod and keep themselves alive as each of the women have something to live for in their future.

Wow, the final full-length novel in the Wild Hunt Series, Veil of Stars, delivers one wild ride from start to finish. With each book, the readers have been on a journey with Ember, Angel, and the Wild Hunt gang as they dealt with keeping the fae kingdoms of Earth from starting a war, dealing with issues such as love hate and more but now the father of Dragons is here ad his allies have the Wild Hunt and their allies in the crosshairs. I found this final novel full of twists and turns, secrets and set up of a world so vast that it has me eager to know more. With the broad stroke of a keystroke, this author delivers a rousing story arc finish that hit all my love buttons multiple times. From seeing the main characters, we have grown to enjoy and love so much grow and find their own happiness in the aftermath of the final battle as well as some things yet left unsaid and hinted at speaks to future novellas to delve into. I loved every inch of this book and series as a whole so much. Though I am sad to see it end for now, Ms. Galenorn delivers a story that ties up loose ends of a multi-storyline begun many books ago and introduces some new characters to be intrigued about.

VEIL OF STARS is the final battle between Typhon and his allies against the Wild Hunt, its allies and Echidna. The question that has been lingering in the last few books was, ‘Can the Wild Hunt send Typhon back to sleep or will they lose everything they have worked so hard for?’. I got to admit I was wondering how this would all turn out as the hints from the last few books had me eager to see just how this author would tie those questions as well as others up in VEIL OF STARS. I will admit that some things were shocking to read but others had me humming in pleasure as the story weaved a spell around me. The characters have grown so much all through the books and I will miss them all. For me though, the highlight was seeing more of this world Ms. Galenorn built from her first book, The Silver Stag. It’s vast, has untapped potential (which the readers will see in a few spin offs already announced by the author) and the promise of revisiting the Wild Hunt characters in the future.

If you enjoy a complex world filled with captivating characters, wild action and lots of romance, friendship and more then you will enjoy the Wild Hunt series immensely. With the author promising one more novella to round out the series coming in 2022, this reader may be sad to see this series end but am really excited to see where the author goes within this world of hers that she created.

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Sunday, October 3, 2021

WAIT FOR IT by Jenn McKinlay


Publisher:      Berkeley
Published:      August 10, 2021
      ‎ 978-0593101377
Genre:     Chik Lit
Format:    Print from Publisher
Reviewed by name and email address:  Gina

THREE -1/2 HEARTS                                                                    

Annabelle Martin has been married.  Twice. Before she turned thirty. Both marriages were in reaction to her mother, who she was so very close too, died way too young. She has stayed friends with husband number 1, Jeremy. So much so that she knows the exact moment he is going to ask her to marry him again. This is not what Annabelle wants and while she was going to turn down a job offer from her very best friend, Sophie, in Arizona, before Jeremy can pop the question she blurts out that she is moving to Phoenix to take the job with Sophie.  Sophie and her husband, Miguel have arranged what on the surface appears to be an ideal cottage for her to live in.  Ideal if your landlord is an elderly curmudgeon who you expect to yell “get off my lawn” at any moment.

Said landlord, Nick Daire, isn’t exactly an elderly grump. He is, in fact a thirty-something, absolutely gorgeous man who sadly had a stroke several months before and now spends his days being miserable using a wheelchair. He doesn’t want Annabelle on his property but he owed Miguel and Sophie so there she is.  His life wasn’t all roses before the stroke and with Annabelle in his guest cottage he’s not so sure it is now. And then on top of it his younger sister, Lexi, shows up out of the blue after twenty years. 

While Nick is fending off Lexi, Annabelle is dealing with a sneaky, passive/aggressive bully at work who is after her job. Can three disparate people come together? Or is it too late for all of them?

I’ve been a Jenn McKinlay fan since the debut of her Cupcake series in 2010.  I’ve missed few of her books and she (almost) never disappoints.  There have been a few lemons in there but pretty much every book is entertaining, has interesting tidbits I hadn’t known before and are just good reads.  WAIT FOR IT is one of those really good reads.  Normally Chik Lit is not my thing, but McKinlay’s are pretty close to sweet romances and sometimes you just need romance in your life.  There were points her cozy mysteries were crossing over into romance and cozy devotees mostly don’t want all that romance and love triangles. I was thrilled when she started writing romance. 

WAIT FOR IT deals with an issue we don’t often see in fiction—stroke happening to someone so young. McKinlay deals with it matter of factly and with compassion for those involved.  That Nick is rich makes it somewhat easier for him to navigate his care, but she adds the element of how he cares for those less fortunate. 

What she doesn’t tell us is just what is the debt Nick owes Miguel and Sophie. Not that it was a major plot point, I just would have liked to know. When the bully is finally dealt with he was just briefly confronted and tossed out with the trash—I don’t think he was quite done.  Unless there is a second book coming with Lexi and Jackson’s story where he shows up causing trouble, I’m not satisfied that he got his.  Maybe he’ll show up in a cupcake book and Angie and Mel will deal with him. I just want it to happen.

McKinlay tells the story in first person, alternating chapters from Nick and Annabelle’s points of view. The problem is that they both sound the same. There is really nothing differentiating the characters aside from a notation at the beginning of the chapters whose point of view it is. McKinlay is a better writer than that.

The story is entertaining and an easy read. Just what you need to relax and have some romance to take your mind off day to day drama.

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Sunday, September 26, 2021

THE NEEDY BOY by Sean Michael

Publisher: Sean Michael
Date Published: August 2019
ISBN: 978-1-988377-96-4
M/M, BDSM. Contemporary
Reviewed by Gabrielle (
Obtained via author
Rating: 4 Hearts

Jack and Peter are pleasantly surprised when they find themselves fixed up by mutual friends. Their past brings a new dimension to their friendship and the chemistry burns from the very start. Can their past help them with their future, or will it hurt them? The two men have grown so much since they parted, and they must make the choice of trusting their hearts or letting this chance fall through their fingers? Can Jack and Paul learn that love is strong and sometimes it is worth fighting for.
I enjoyed getting to see Jack and Peter reunite. The two men are good together in and out of the bedroom. Their friendship is a nice thing to see. No matter what the sexual tension is between the two their friendship is solid. It was really sweet to see Jack show Peter that he was a good sub and just right for him. The two make a good couple and the love that they have for each other shines through in all that they do. I loved seeing Peter open up and begin to shine with the support of Jack. He shows Peter how love is supposed to work and gives Peter hope for the future. The two are made for each other and their relationship is hot and heavy. Jack shows Peter just what a true relationship is like when your partner is there for you. Peter must take a chance with his heart and give love a try. Their story moves at a good pace and is not only hot and sexy but full of emotions as well making this another good addition to the Iron Eagle Gym series.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

Sunday, September 19, 2021

SHADOW TARGET by David Ricciardi

(Jack Keller #4)
Berkley, June 2021
ISBN: 1984804693
ISBN13: 9781984804693

The fourth book in David Ricciardi’s Jack Keller books, SHADOW TARGET, is both a continuance of the series as well as a standalone novel.  SHADOW TARGET is a spy thriller sure to be of interest to any fan of the genre.

CIA field officer, Jack Keller, is on his way to a mandated ski vacation when his plane is shot down, leaving Jack the sole survivor of the crash.  A helicopter arrives soon thereafter, but it is apparent to Jack that the men on board are not there to rescue anyone.  Jack manages to escape the crash, but it has become clear that someone wants Jack dead.  As Jack tries to discover who wants him dead, he has to rely on a very small group of his most trusted contacts to survive as the attempts on his life keep mounting.  Sadly, Jack suspects someone in his agency is feeding his every move to the very people who are trying to end his life.  As we follow Jack in his quest through the streets of London and Paris, it is a race against time to see if he can figure out who is behind the threats before it is too late.

Having not read the first three books in this series, this reader was hoping against hope that the first three books weren’t needed for context.  Luckily, SHADOW TARGET stands on its own just fine.  While Ricciardi is no Robert Ludlum, he is perhaps a Ludlum in the making.  The storyline was interesting, and the pace kept the action moving along at a nice pace.  The minor characters were well thought out each had his own unique characteristics.  The main character, Jack, is a rich and complex character, albeit a loner unused to asking for help.  The biggest miss for this reader is that the Jack character didn’t pull at heartstrings and was difficult to have empathy for.  This character needs something to soften his edges and make readers want to help him.  Perhaps a bit of character development will show in the next book in the Jack Keller series.

David Ricciardi’s SHADOW TARGET was a fairly fast-paced and interesting read that will attract fans of the spy thriller genre easily.

Review by Tammy (
*This is an objective review and not an endorsement*

Sunday, September 12, 2021

SHADOW STORM by Christine Feehan

(Shadow Riders #6)
Piatkus Books, May 2021
Paranormal Romance

The book all Feehan fans has been waiting for, Emmanuelle & Valentino’s story, SHADOW STORM, is finally here.  The first five books in the Shadow Riders series have all been leading up to this book and readers can’t wait to find out how Val is going to fit into this interesting and unique family dynamic.

A longtime feud between the Ferraro and Saldi families comes to a head in the sixth Shadow Riders book, SHADOW STORM.  The youngest Ferraro, Emmanuelle has watched each of her brothers find love with their mates while she is left feeling betrayed by the man she loves.  For two years, she has avoided anything associated with Val until she learns he’s been shot during a takeover attempt of his family’s territory.  When Emme calls her big brother for help, the entire Ferraro clan comes to help and protect the Saldis from further attack.  Emme’s decision brings her back into Val’s circle and his arms.  It also puts her and her family in the middle of a private war.  Only time will tell who survives the SHADOW STORM that is brewing.

This reader has enjoyed just about every book that Ms. Feehan has written to-date.  Some have been better than others, but all of them are well written and filled with suspense.  SHADOW STORM follows suit.  That said, this reader’s expectations were very high for Emme’s story.  Perhaps a little too high.  Emme’s character and Val’s have been fully developing over the course of the prior books in this series.  The storyline is realistic (well, maybe not the traveling through shadows part, but…), and emotions are running high.  Emme has really matured over the span of the series and it is a welcome surprise to see her finally stepping up for her man.  The way her family rallies with her to help Emme (and through extension the Saldis) defines the heart of this series.

While this reader was hoping for something more, something I can not define, Ms. Feehan certainly did not let her fans down with SHADOW STORM.  Fans of Ms. Feehan’s entertaining writing style and the paranormal romance genre are sure to enjoy finally getting to hear Emme & Val’s story.  The Shadow Riders remains among Ms. Feehan’s best series to-date.

Review by Tammy (
*This is an objective review and not an endorsement*