Sunday, June 4, 2023

OBLIVION by Kira Stone

Publisher: Razor’s Edge Press
Date Published: January 2022

Paranormal, BDSM, Erotica

Reviewed by Gabrielle (

Obtained via publisher
3 Hearts
When a man dies, he must atone for his life. This particular man has led a life that takes him to a painful place. Love has never been an emotion that this man has had and it will never be. The pain that he inflicted in hie life is thrust upon him threefold. He will never be able to atone for what he has done and now he must endure a pain filled existence. His master and keeper is a demon who enjoys inflicting the pain and teaching the lessons that must be learned.

This is a quick and intense read. Please be aware that it is full of torture and pain. The main character is not a good man and where he ends up is not a good place. He must learn to submit and endure the pain. The pain he has dealt out in his life is nothing to what awaits him. This is a very short story meant to titillate and gives you an erotic fantasy to enjoy. This is certainly a book that you will want to pay attention to the author’s warnings at the beginning of the story. Readers are along for his journey and we see how he learns and what he feels. This is an erotic short and moves at a quick pace. The man’s journey is painful and sexual as he learns what he truly wants and needs. The author paints a vivid picture of his lessons and how he learns what he needs.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.



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