Thursday, February 18, 2010

MY SOUL TO SAVE Soul Screamers Series Book 2 by Rachel Vincent

Publisher: Harlequin Teen Date published: December 2009 ISBN: 978-0-373-21004-6 Paranormal YA Paperback Reviewed by Dawn Obtained by Library Kaylee Cavanaugh is a banshee and when she screams, someone dies. When a popular pop star dies in front of Kaylee, she anticipates the wail that comes but is surprised to find that she can’t wail for someone who has no soul. Now it is a race against time as she, Nash and her friends try to stop the next person who is due to die: Addison Page. Kaylee will do anything to stop the deaths even if it means losing everything, including her own. Oh man, Ms. Vincent’s new series is unbelievable. This picks up six weeks after the end of the first book, MY SOUL TO TAKE and frankly, I was enthralled with it within a matter of minutes. I love Nash and Kaylee together. With some subtle twists and turns, Ms. Vincent keeps the adrenaline running until the very last page. Tight writing, fast pace and countless twists keep the reader glued to the edge of their seats till the very end. I closed the book and breathed a sigh of pure pleasure and had to race to see when book three comes out. Kaylee has been trying to get used to being a banshee- Some days it works great; other days, not so great. When she is drawn into the netherworld and demon breath, she finds herself in over her head. I was eager to read more about the netherworld and though some of the secondary characters made me want to slap them sometimes in disgust, Ms. Vincent does a great job in keeping the reader intrigued by what would happen next. The only drawback was the way Tod, Nash’s brother & reaper was portrayed. He felt off to me and half the time I wanted to tell him to go jump off a cliff. He didn’t have the same connection as in the first book and it came across in the pages as he joined Kaylee and Nash on their mission into the netherworld. I am hoping in future books Tod gets his sense of humor back and stop being so morose. It kind of got old pretty quick. In all, MY SOUL TO SAVE was a fun and entertaining read that I read in less than three hours. I am eager to see what other adventures Kaylee has in the future. If you are looking for a fun, paranormal young adult series to enjoy, then grab Soul Screamers book 1 and 2 (MY SOUL TO TAKE and MY SOUL TO SAVE). I do recommend reading the first book to understand some of the back-story mentions that are sprinkled throughout MY SOUL TO SAVE. Overall, Ms. Vincent is a wonderful author who completely captivates her readers’ with her books. I am highly anticipating her next Soul Screamer book. THIS IS NOT AN ENDORSEMENT OF THIS BOOK. THIS IS AN OBJECTIVE UNBIASED REVIEW.

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