Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Publisher: Avon Books
Date published: May 29, 2012
ISBN 978-0-06-208906-9
Historical Romance
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Lynne
Obtained via Publisher

Tabitha Timmons, the orphaned, somewhat naive daughter of a vicar, is forced to serve her money-grubbing relations just to survive.Believing herself a forever, penniless spinster, she soon learns that she has been left a tidy inheritance by a rich uncle.But there is one stipulation, she only gets the money if she submits to an arranged marriage to the wussy, yet handsome and very respectable, future Marquess of Grately, Mr. Reginald Barkworth, assuming all goes according to plan, before Tabitha’s twenty-fifth birthday, which is only days away.

Meanwhile, Tabitha finds herself involved with the sinfully handsome Christopher Seldon, Duke of Preston, at every turn.Despite her vow never to marry, unless it is against her will, she soon finds herself dreaming of what it might be like married to this exciting personage, whose reputation has closed nearly every door in London society against him.

Smitten, even if he hasn’t admitted to it, Preston has made it his mission to save Tabitha from her scheming relations and from a passionless, loveless marriage to a man whose only ambition is to steal her money, caring not a whit for her happiness.

Soon, with help from their friends, Preston and Tabitha find themselves at odds with society as they struggle to retain what rightfully belongs to Tabitha...and establish for themselves a passionate, happily-ever-after ending that either could ever have foreseen.

I thoroughly enjoyed ALONG CAME A DUKE by Elizabeth Boyle and disagree with many of the bad reviews I happened to read about it.It is a delightful, fun romp through historical England that kept me riveted and turning pages, even when I was sneaking reads of it in the middle of the night when I was having trouble sleeping.It was always on the edge of my thoughts, and I had to see how everything turned out in the end, even if it was obvious.

I fell in love with both our hero and heroine easily enough, the naive, yet saucy spinster, Tabitha Timmons, and the carefree, ne’er-do-well Duke of Preston.I also liked each of the minor characters, especially Tabby’s friends, as well as the Earl of Roxley, Preston’s rapscallion friend, who helps Preston pretty much every time it is needed.

Mr. Muggins is a scream.His antics had me laughing out loud several times.Perhaps I am just good at picturing things in my own mind and find Boyle’s wit a great addition to ALONG CAME A DUKE.

Boyle’s creativity and genius in plotting unique episodes is a great plus to ALONG CAME A DUKE. Having never read any of Boyle’s work before this, I was thrilled to be given a chance to do so.Boyle’s adeptness at the vernacular used in ALONG CAME A DUKE is worthy of praise since one does not always come across an author so skilled in its use.And I especially enjoyed how Preston kept using comical variations of Barkworth’s name in obvious distaste for the man himself.

Hats off to Ms. Boyle for ALONG CAME A DUKE.I find it a refreshing entertainment, full of humor, spicy romance, and adventure and definitely look forward to reading more of her work.

If one enjoys Cinderella-type stories, then by all means, pick up a copy of ALONG CAME A DUKE and prepare yourself for a rousing good time.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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