Thursday, September 13, 2012

ON BECOMING HIS by Cassandre Dayne

Publisher: Amazon
Date published: May 12th, 2012
ASIN: B00830WDC2
Contemporary D/s
Obtained by author
Reviewed by Dawn

Jezebel Waters or Jessie to her friends has a wonderful life, great career, wonderful friends but she doesn’t have a man in her life. She knew she craved something different…something that her whole being needed, wanted. She needs a dominant man, one who will command her in every way. Resigned to never finding that man, she fails miserably in several relationships and vows to be alone forever. That is until Luke Malone walks into her life and opens her eyes. Luke has that quiet commanding demeanor, one that hooked Jessie immediately. After one meeting, Jessie wanted more. Now the time is near-can Jessie let go of her fears and become the woman she is destined to be, with Luke?

Cassandre Dayne delivers a powerful, eloquent story of a woman who finally finds what she has longed for and it is one story that isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s a heartfelt story and it’s tender. It’s sexy. It’s also a journey for two people that the reader just cannot help but fall in love with. This isn’t your typical D/s story at all. When you first meet Jessie and Luke, you can see the powerful attraction between them. It literally had me wondering if my e-reader was going to blow up from all the sparks between them. Cassandre Dayne delivers a powerful story, one that will leave the reader breathless. The writing is tight, story flows at a nice pace and the characters are very well written.

Cassandre Dayne delves into the world of BDSM and explicitly a D/s relationship. She eloquently tells the story of one woman’s journey into being true to herself and finding out if she can enter into the D/s lifestyle Luke was offering her. Luke was a good man, a commanding man and one who held me hostage whenever he came onto the pages. His quiet commanding presence, his insistence that Jessie look inside herself before she commits to their relationship and understand her longing before she commits it to Luke one hundred percent. What got to me was how haunting some parts were, with Jessie reflecting on the whys and hows of this change, why she craves it and the love she has for Luke in her heart. The poetry that is included is a perfect complement to Jessie’s story.

ON BECOMING HIS is a thought provoking, highly emotional story that will leave the reader breathless. With each page, I was drawn into Jessie’s journey and found myself enthralled with her and Luke’s relationship. Kudos to Cassandre Dayne for creating a beautiful moving story that conveys the meaning of a D/s relationship-Love, commitment, passion, understanding, obedience and belonging. It is beautifully written and one I highly recommend if you enjoy BDSM stories, specifically the D/s lifestyle. I look forward to seeing more of Jessie and Luke in the future.


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