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THICK AS THIEVES by Tali Spencer

July 2013
Fantasy M/M
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by self-purchase
4 Hearts

For Vorgell the barbarian, life was about fighting, drinking & sex. After using a unicorn horn for pleasure, all he thinks about is sex. So when he is tossed into a cell with a pretty young thief, all Vorgell can think of is how to get Maddog naked. But Maddog is determined to escape the cell and get this enchanted collar off of him. But with lust and magic following these two at every turn, can Madd and Vorgell survive the next few days as they run from witches, wizards and just about anyone else determined to take them to Baron Flemgu?

I got to admit I absolutely loved THICK AS THIEVES. It was full of humorous bits, sexy times and action that left me eager for more after each page was turned. Ms. Spencer delivers one wild ride from start to finish. I think the first thing to grab me was the use of a unicorn horn. That right there had me quite curious after reading the book synopsis and from the moment I opened the book to the last page, I was lost within the story. I loved the characters, Vorgell and Maddog a lot. Opposites in every way, these two just clicked together the moment they first came upon one another in the book. With Ms. Spencer’s trademark style, the reader is treated to a story full of adventure, magic, lust and just a bit of romance as well to wet your appetite.

Meet Maddog and Vorgell. These two are the most unlikely of people who would meet for the first time in a prison cell. Vorgell is determined to have Maddaog in any way he can; he can’t help it. That unicorn horn has made him lustier than a fisherman looking to get lucky after a year away at sea. Maddog is determined to get away from Baron Flemgu and get this blasted enchanted collar off of his neck. Vorgell is big and strong, Maddog is a male witch and together these two will face everything and everyone to be free. But what happens when life as these two know it is about to change. I love, love, love Maddog and Vorgell. Both are unique, intriguing and yet stronger when together than apart. The author does a great job in capturing their strengths separate and together. The sparks fly fast and furious between these two from the get go and I was eager to see what the author would do to these two characters in order to get their happy ever after. I can honestly say I was definitely thrilled to see they had to work to get that happy ending and in the long run, it really enhanced the storyline wonderfully. The characters are well written, captivating and kept my attention from start to finish. A few secondary characters had me hoping they get stories of their own in the future.

THICK AS THIEVES delivers a fine reading adventure that will leave you breathless. If you enjoy hot sexy times, magical adventures and more then grab THICK AS THIEVES and settle in for one adventure you won’t get enough of. All I can ask this author is, will there be more adventure for Maddog and Vorgell in the future?

This is an objective review and not an endorsement

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