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MERCURY RISING by Rebecca Zanetti

Scorpius Syndrome Book 1
January 26th, 2016
Post-Apocalyptic, Romantic Suspense
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Self-Purchase
4 Hearts

For Lynne Harmony, former head of the CDC, life as she knew it disappeared when the Scorpius Syndrome ravaged the world with an alarming speed. Those who were infected either died, survived but changed or turned into Rippers, serial killers with no moral compass and a taste for blood. As one of the first survivors of this disease, she has nothing to lose as she makes her way to California and to the one man she hopes can help her- Jax Mercury.

Jax Mercury is rough, tough and determined to keep his band of survivors alive. He never anticipates the woman everyone either wants her dead for not stopping the disease or alive but used as a guinea pig for her blood that might be the cure walking into his territory in Los Angeles. She was feisty, determined and was hell on his self-control. But with Lynne running from powerful enemies who want her, Jax will have to decide if he will protect the one woman who needs him more than ever and who stole his heart when he wasn’t looking.

MERCURY RISING is an exciting thrill ride from start to finish. Peppered with strong, entertaining characters in a backdrop of a world that is utterly destroyed within six months and you got a story that will keep you glued to the pages. Ms. Zanetti hits it out of the ballpark with her first book in the Scorpius Syndrome series and I, for one, could not get enough of it. It was engrossing and entertaining; I didn’t want to put it down when I had to go to work. The story flows smoothly and quickly, keeping the reader on the edge of their seat with each twist and turn. This is an author who created a dark place where the world has basically ended as we knew it and new one is rising from the ashes, abit a world where laws and government, internet and life as we knew it are changed forever. A desolate world, Ms. Zanetti captures the background perfectly within the pages of MERCURY RISING. The determination of the survivors to get back to normal, the fear of a stronger Scorpius Syndrome running rampant, the mercenaries and gangs determined to get their territory secure in whatever means necessary. With scenes of looted buildings, empty houses and business and vehicles left all over, the author creates a backdrop that makes the reader shiver as they flip the pages as the thought runs through my mind that this could really happen, a bacteria causing such chaos.

MERCURY RISING is more than man meets woman and live forever in love. It’s about two people who are trying to survive in whatever capacity that can. The characters are well written, life-like and quite multi-dimensional. Lynne and Jax are perfect for one another as Lynne brings out Jax’s softness while Jax gives her the strength to continue onward. These two struck sparks right off the bat and I was rooting for these two right from the beginning. The sex scenes are quite hot and moved the story along instead of just being there because the author needed to check it off a list. The secondary characters are as well written as the main characters and when the author finally lets it known who is after Lynne, well let’s just say I was shocked to the core and eager to read more to see where the story would go.

MERCURY RISING is a fast paced story with enough action and romance balanced out that it didn’t feel lacking in anything. This is an author who knows how to draw their readers in and captivate them till the very end. Once I got to the final few chapters, I was flipping the pages like mad, hoping that nothing will ruin Jax and Lynne’s romance. I won’t give away too much but say that the ending alone will cause you to gasp in shock. I can not wait to read book two, Shadow Rising, and see where the author goes in this exciting series next.

If you enjoy a story full of twists, action and romance then you will enjoy this new series from an author who is a master storyteller. I look forward to seeing where this author goes next for their readers.

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