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Publisher:     Harper Collins
Published:    January 21, 2014
ISBN:        B00E3D111M
Genre:       Chiklit Mystery
Format:     Ebook
Obtained via:  Publisher via Edelweiss
Reviewed by name and email address:  Gina


Debutant drop out Andy Kendricks is trying to make it on her own and so far she’s doing just fine.  She does a lot of pro bono web design—but that’s okay because she’s got her trust fund and a lot of those websites are for non-profit type businesses.  Her mom hasn’t quite adjusted to the fact that Andy doesn’t aspire to the same societal heights as she does, but it’s okay because Cissy really does love her daughter.  And Cissy is also fond of Andy’s beau, Brian Malone.  Looking to do the right thing to celebrate their friends’ upcoming nuptials, Andy goes to a male strip club with the bride-to-be and Brian goes to a gentleman’s club.  While Andy makes her way home that night, Brian suddenly disappears.  Not only does he disappear, but a dead stripper is found in the trunk of his car.  Andy is soon on the trail of her missing guy.  Can she find him before the bad guys do him in…and before her “posse” makes a total wrong turn?

Susan McBride’s Debutant Dropout series has been one of the entertaining cozy mysteries out there. McBride has a quick wit that comes through her characters while she reveals a solid mystery.  NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEB had some of that witty dialogue and a bit of a mystery, but the story telling overall just fell short.  Up until now Andy has come across like someone you’d like to know and you just have to chuckle at Cissy’s antics.  In this one I didn’t much care either way of Andy found Malone again or not.  It happens—writers hit a wall and this appears to be McBride’s. 

There was some nice character development in terms of Cissy and her new beau and Andy has some nice scenes.  It’s not the best but it does move the main characters to the next level in a solid way.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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