Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Publisher: Siren Publishing Inc.
Date published: December 2010
ISBN: 1-61034-054-X
Contemporary, Western, Erotic, Romance
Reviewed by Gabrielle (meingee@yahoo.com)
Weblink: http://www.bookstrand.com/her-gentle-giant-part-1

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Rating: 4 Hearts

Eli has been trying to get Rachel to be more than friends with him for months now but she insists that her jealous nature would only break them up in the long run.  She watches the woman fawn all over him at the bar that he works security at and knows that if they she gave in to her feelings for Eli her jealousy would only get worse and cause him strife. Yet when Rachel needs help she feels safe with Eli. He is more than ready to help her and expect nothing in return. This only adds to the feelings growing in Rachel for Eli.  Will Rachel finally see the benefits of a relationship with Eli or will she lose the best thing in her life right now?

When love comes knocking why ignore it? Rachel has fought hard to keep her feelings for Eli at bay but for what? I enjoyed seeing Eli and Rachel's adventure begin. The two are a good match if only Rachel would stop fighting her emotions. Eli is a good man who has eyes for only Rachel. Once Rachel lets Eli in just a little bit her walls begin to crumble and she sees what she has been missing by pushing him away. The two quickly find that they are a perfect pair and it was nice to see the trust and love shine through in everything that they do. As their story evolves Rachel learns to trust and let people in and especially Eli.

This is only the beginning of their story and I am excited to see what happens next for this couple. The author does a wonderful job of bringing the reader into the world of Divine Creek Ranch and immersing you into an engrossing and beautiful love story.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.


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