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KGI #11
Jove Books, March 2017
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ISBN:  0425277003
ISBN13: 9780425277003
Military Romance

The latest book in Maya Banks’ KGI series surrounding the lives and loves of the Kelly clan is BRIGHTER THAN THE SUN, a story about family, friendship and bonds forged in steel.

Thanks to her college friend, Rusty Kelly, Zoe is starting her life over with a new identity.  Born the daughter of a mob kingpin, Zoe grew up doing everything she could to win her father’s love including wearing the clothes he preferred, the friends he preferred and wanting the things he wanted for her until the day she overheard her boyfriend telling someone that he never cared for her and was planning on killing her.  On that day, she put on her “big girl” pants and hit the road.  Luckily for her, her girlfriend Rusty is a wiz on the computer and was able to teach her how to remain off the radar.  When Zoe goes home with Rusty and meets the Kelly clan and learns what they are about, she thinks she just might have a chance at a second life away from the filth associated with her family.  Then she meets Rusty’s brother Joe Kelly, the last bachelor in the Kelly family, a title he thought he enjoyed holding.

Maya Banks’ BRIGHTER THAN THE SUN, is Zoe and Joe’s story.  The KGI series centers on the Kelly family and the company they started doing the jobs that the government prefers to stay away from including intelligence gathering and victim/hostage rescues.  So the stories in this series have been fast paced adventure/romances that occur in the midst of one job or another.  The romances are hot and heavy and the action is generally non-stop.  BRIGHTER THAN THE SUN however, fails to produce the heat level or the strong KGI storyline that made some of the other KGI stories so riveting.

In an unusual twist, though the story is primarily about Zoe and Joe, the best parts of this story come from the lesser story of Rusty and Sean and the journey they are on towards their own happily ever after.  Perhaps it is because Rusty and Sean have been around for several books and are very well developed and multifaceted characters and Zoe and Joe simply are not.  Zoe is extremely cagey and Joe, for such an alpha male, is extremely into his feelings.  Or perhaps it is the lack of any real action in the storyline.  When her family finally catches up to Zoe, well…

In any case, readers who enjoy military romances will still enjoy BRIGHTER THAN THE SUN.  This reader had simply hoped for less over the top gushing and more push back from the bad guys.

Reviewed by T. Barringer

"This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book."

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