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DIRTY MONEY by Jessica Clare

Roughneck Billionaires #1
InterMix Books, January 2017
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Contemporary Romance
** 1/2

The debut novel in Jessica Clare’s Roughneck Billionaires series, DIRTY MONEY is the story of two people who both want to rise above their station in life and still manage to find love together.

Boone Price and his brothers are oil riggers that have hit it big.  Real big.  Billionaire big.  Suddenly beyond rich, Boone starts to develop a taste for the finer things in life and more than anything wants to be respected.  In order for that to happen, Boone thinks he needs to find himself a woman of class and breeding.  Simply from one look at a local realtor’s brochure, Boone sets his eye on realtor Ivy Smithfield and he sets out to buy her affection.  The chink in his plan is that Ivy is as dirt poor as Boone used to be.  Her appearance is carefully constructed to promote her professional career.  Ivy is making next to nothing, selling bone marrow for money to support her sister while she attends college and keep a roof over their heads (even if that roof is attached to a trailer).  But what happens when Boone finally realizes Ivy comes from the same humble beginnings that he did?

Jessica Clare’s DIRTY MONEY really didn’t work for this reader.  Boone comes off as crude, rude, pompous, sexist and determined to seek revenge on those he thinks have slighted him because of his filthy looks and ways.  While he had his moments, this reader simply could not find much to like about him and had a really difficult time imagining Ivy falling in love with him.  Ivy is kind, sexy, determined to give her sister a better life and instantly sees dollar signs when she realizes Boone is a billionaire, if she can just keep her three bosses from stealing him out from under her.

While the story was entertaining and at times funny, the fact that Boone thinks he should be respected simply because he now has money was ridiculous.  Everyone but Boone and this author seem to know respect is earned and you can’t buy class.  And every time Boone feels someone has failed to give him the respect he thinks he deserves, he reacts is a way over the top manner, purchasing and burning businesses to the ground for spite.  And yet, still Ivy is enamored.  This reader was not.  Still, if you are able to overlook Boone’s bad manners, sloppy dress and sexist attitude, the story itself is well written and moves along at a constant pace and even includes some very funny scenes (that this reader imagines could never really happen in real life – see comment about burning down perfectly good businesses).

Fans of contemporary romance will probably still enjoy this story.  In fact, this reader would bet that you will either really love this story and or really agree with this review.  For me, DIRTY MONEY was like the characters, a little rough around the edges.

Reviewed by T. Barringer

"This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book

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