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THE DOLL MAKER by Mary Burton

The Forgotten Files Book 2
Montlake Romance
November 15th, 2016
Romantic Suspense, Thriller
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher
4 Hearts

For Dr. Tess McGowan, returning to Richmond, Virginia was fraught with memories and a man who turns her inside out. But in her job as a forensic pathologist, she finds her latest case file to be the most gruesome. Mutilated bodies are being found telling a macabre tale of a sadistic killer who is kidnapping women and turning them into life-like dolls. It’s her job to aid the leading agent on the case, Dakota Sharp, except working together with her estranged husband will cause them both to face their pasts.

Twelve years before, Dakota Sharp’s world was destroyed in a tragedy that caused him to focus on hunting down killers and neglecting his marriage to Tess. When he finds out that Tess is back in town and working in the medical examiner’s office, Dakota is determined to be professional even as he is drawn to this determined woman. But this killer is smart, determined and as they get closer to the deranged psychopath, the killer sets his sights on Tess. Can Dakota and Tess figure out the clues and solve the case before Tess becomes the next victim of THE DOLL MAKER?

Wow, Mary Burton delivers a fast paced story that will chill you to the core even as you flip the pages to see what happens next. Ms. Burton delivers a story that is at times fraught with twists and turns that the reader doesn’t see coming and a secondary story of two people reconnecting and trying to work out their differences. This book is like a puzzle the reader has to figure out. It has a devious and diabolical killer that just chills you to the soul, a mystery that pulls you in and characters that you can’t help but enjoy.  The story moves quickly, keeps the reader glued to the pages and entertained till the very end.

Meet Tess and Dakota. Two headstrong people who are made a mess of their marriage but finally figure out they are meant for one another. I got to admit when I first met Dakota Sharp, he was a bit rough around the edges for my taste, quite focused to point of ignoring everything and everyone around him. That is until Tess comes back into his life. Then my lord, the sparks flew between them. Tess needed that time away from Dakota to see what she needed and wanted while doing work over seas. These two characters are quite entertaining, enjoyable and made me root for them to succeed as a couple even as I tried to figure out the clues left by the killer alongside them. They had substance and were written so life-like I half expected them to pop up in my living room at times while reading THE DOLL MAKER. The killer is just creepy and the author does a fine job in getting into the mind of them to show the reader just how diabolical they can be. The secondary characters are just as well written as our main players and keep the story moving along nicely.

THE DOLL MAKER is a wonderful story that will thrill and chill you this winter’s night as it keeps you on the edge of your seat. If you enjoy a romantic suspense story that is full of twists and turns, a killer that will give you nightmares and a mystery to solve then you will enjoy Ms. Burton’s latest installment in the Forgotten Files series. You don’t have to read book one, The Shark, in order to read this installment. The books stand alone and I know I am eager to see where the third book, The Hangman, goes next.

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