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FLIGHT FROM DEATH by Yasmine Galenorn

Book 1 in the Fly by Night Series
July 7th, 2015
Paranormal Romance
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Self-Purchase

4 Hearts


Shimmer, a blue dragon from the Dragon Reaches, is exiled to earthside and bonded to work for Alex Radcliffe, a vampire who owns the Fly by Night Magical Investigation Agency, for the next five years. With her powers as a blue dragon limited, she is trying to fit in and learn the culture of her new home.

When an old friend of Alex’s asks for help in trying to determine what is haunting his new house that he is trying to turn into a bed and breakfast, Alex, Shimmer and Ralph quickly find out these ghosts are restless and something is trapping them at the house. Uncovering an eighty year old murder on top of that doesn’t help either. But if they are to succeed, it will take all their combined help plus a few new friends to lay down the angry spirits and break a curse.

I absolutely adore this author’s work and will auto-buy her books anytime she has a new release. In her spin-off to her popular Otherworld series, we meet a few new characters that keep the reader highly entertained. What I love about this author is how her books are quite in depth and deliver a story that continues to grow with each book. I really enjoyed getting more in depth look at the Fly by Night agency and the people who work there. Bette is a crusty old brood who makes me laughs each time she pops up on the page, Ralph the electronics whiz kid and wolf shifter and Alex, the vampire who owns the agency and a vampire who just might be more than her boss if Shimmer let’s herself fall for him. Each character is a delight to read but all together give something to the story, either the sparks that fly between Alex and Shimmer or how Bette and Ralph spar together. They continue to grow within the story and we get to know more about them as the story moves on.

Meet Shimmer, a dragon and an exiled one at that. Forced into exile and stripped of some of her powers, she works for and with Alex at his investigations agency. I love Shimmer. She is feisty, strong in character and one character that I kept rooting for right off the bat. She is a loner, an orphan and has no idea who her parents or lineage are, which is very important in the dragon reaches. I love how Shimmer tries to fit in, keeps her head and learns about her new home. With each page, the reader is drawn in more and more into this world and fall a little bit in love with her as well. I also enjoyed how diverse the characters were; from a vampire to dragons to shifters and more. The characters are quiet well written, multidimensional and keep the story moving forward.

FLIGHT FROM DEATH is a great introduction to the new series even if you haven’t read the Otherworld series. It’s set in that world but completely separate though they do mention a few characters from the series periodically. Ms. Galenorn is a masterful storyteller who captures her characters vulnerabilities and strengths perfectly and balances them in the story just right. The story flows smoothly and as we get more into the storyline, we meet some new characters that help keep it moving along nicely. With her trademark style, this author captivates her readers with the right amount of mystery, romance and more within the pages.

If you haven’t read this author or series yet, I highly recommend you grab it. This author does have an e-book short story that bridges the Otherworld series and this one in Flight from Hell, which introduces the characters and is a great introduction to the series. You don’t need to read it but it does mention situations from that story in this one. If you need a paranormal pick me up, you won’t go wrong with this author or her books. This is one author I just can not get enough of. I am looking forward to seeing where she goes with this series and these fabulous characters in the future.


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