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Breeds #31
Berkley Books, May 2017

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ISBN: 1101612517
ISBN13: 9781101612514
Paranormal Romance

The latest in Lora Leigh’s Breeds books, WAKE A SLEEPING TIGER, comes out just as the weather turns nice enough to sit outside and really enjoy turning those pages.

Recessed Bengal Breed Cullen Maverick has risen to commander of the Navajo Covert Law Enforcement Division in Window Rock, New Mexico where he leads a group of agents in protecting the treasures of the Navajo Tribes.  Created in a lab, Cullen’s primal Bengal genetics are recessed so deeply that no hint of them can be found on him.  Yet they are there, waiting.  When his assistant, Chelsea, tires of her lack of promotional opportunities, despite her obvious qualifications, and quits, the Primal lurking deep within Cullen sits up and takes notice.

For those of us who still really enjoy the feel of a hardcover book in our hands, Lora Leigh’s WAKE A SLEEPING TIGER, arrives just in time to read outdoors and really simply enjoy.  Like all her breed books, this book once again finds the two fated mates fighting the mating heat and confusing each other with their raging hormones and angst. 

Cullen has been married before, but was not mated to his wife.  When she dies, he settles into a deep depression that only lifts after he agrees to hire Chelsea as his assistant.  Chelsea was only twelve when Cullen married, but she still remembers the love in his eyes as he married her cousin.  So when he suddenly wants more from their relationship than just employee/employer, it is difficult for her to hope and accept that her longtime crush could be seriously seeing a future for them together.  The danger factor, as always in the Breed world, is running high and the testosterone is even higher.  Cullen and Chelsea’s journey to love is hectic, trying and emotional; and fated in the stars.

As to the few negatives - while the recessed gene thing is new to the Breed series and really very interesting, the majority of the book could be any of Leigh’s earlier Breed books.  And the sex is hot, but perhaps a bit redundant. 

Fans of Lora Leigh books, paranormal romance and the Breed books are going to enjoy WAKE A SLEEPING TIGER.  The book is well written, has a nice flow and just enough of the lesser characters to remind readers of previous stories and hint at future books to come.  Can we all say, “Cassie”?

Reviewed by T. Barringer

"This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book."

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