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A Butler, Vermont Novel, Book 4
June 18th, 2019
Contemporary Romance, Small Town Romance
Paperback Book
Reviewed by Dawn (
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4 Hearts

Lucas Abbott and his twin brother, Landon share everything, Looks, personalities and being the family jokesters. Until Lucas decides its time to grow up, shed that jokester persona and find a more adult relationship. Unfortunately, the woman he likes also is in his twin brother’s eye as well. Hoping to put behind him the fact Landon has the girl, Lucas heads to nearby Stowe to ski on the slops and clear his head but when he sees a car spin out on a snowy and icy road, he jumps into his firefighter/paramedic training and ends up meeting the woman who just might make a man out of him.

Daniell ‘Dani’ Rowson has had a tough year and is hoping this move to Vermont, where she had happy memories with her grandparents, will be the fresh start for her and her baby daughter, Savannah. What she doesn’t anticipate is meeting a man who will keep her safe and become her best friend or that finding that standing on your own two feet is more than independence, it’s also about love and family. Lucas and Dani are about to find that adulting is more than physical responsibilities, but that love can make all the difference in the world if you are open to it.

TILL THERE WAS YOU continues the Green Mountain/Butler, VT. Series with one of the Abbott twins finding his forever woman. As this was one of the very first Marie Force book series I read, I was thrilled to see Lucas find his own happy ever after now. This author does a marvelous job capturing Lucas’s personality, his fun-loving side as well as his serious side as the book unfolds. I love Dani and Lucas together and reacquainting myself with Butler, VT tribe has been a fun adventure. It felt like I never left after reading the latest book. With the right amount of laughter, tension and more, Ms. Force delivers a story that will blow you away.

What makes this series so much fun is the characters and believe me, the Abbott’s are one of a kind and their cousins just keep me glued to the pages till the very end. Also, can’t forget the town moose, Fred, who does what he pleases and more which is a hoot. There is a lot of laughter, love and more within the pages of these books that is just perfect for the holidays or even anytime. Ms. Force does an amazing job keeping the characters all in order and with so many different personalities, it’s a wonder you don’t get lost within the pages of who does what and when. These characters are so full of life, adventure and really who can not admit falling for a family where the grandfather and father meet to see if they can help their kids find love or help them along with the right woman or man.

TILL THERE WAS YOU delivers on all my love buttons with everything that makes this a keeper for me. Awesome characters. A fast-paced story that delivers updates on all the characters from past books that you need to know more of and a romance that starts as friendship and turns to so much more. I can’t think of a story more perfect for the holidays than this one and I am really hoping Ms. Force doesn’t wait a long time to deliver Landon’s (Lucas’ twin brother) story. I can’t wait to see what she has in store for him and several other secondary characters who need a little love as well.

If you want a small town romance series that will deliver lots of laughter, appealing and relatable characters and storylines that you can just fall into then grab this series and I highly recommend starting from book 1 in the Green Mountain series, All You Need is Love and meet the Abbott clan and the residents of Butler, Vermont.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement

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