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In Death Series, Book 50
St. Martin’s Books
February 4th, 2020
Thriller, Mystery, Action Adventure, Romantic Suspense, Serial Killer Thriller
Reviewed by Dawn (
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5 Hearts

Eve Dallas is about to find her latest case is one filled with twists and turns that don’t make sense and will have her scrambling as she tries to discover the connection of who wanted Doctor Kent Abner dead.

When Kent Abner opens a package, he doesn’t anticipate dying within seconds as a toxic substance goes airborne and kills him. As Eve Dallas and her trusty partner, Det. Peabody try to figure out who would want to murder the friendly pediatrician, Eve has to sort through Kent’s past and when another dies in the same grisly manner, she is determined to find the madman behind it and stop another from dying.

GOLDEN IN DEATH is an amazing, enthralling story that will leave you breathless. Fifty books into this series and you wonder, what can the author do next to top the last book and J.D. Robb pulls out all the stops with this one. Her mystery of who the killer(s) were left me hanging until mid-way when I finally started seeing the clues as Eve, Peabody and the gang rustled them up as well. The story is full of twists and turns that just had me on the edge of my seat and I was glued to the pages till the very end since I wanted to see how this story would end.  GOLDEN IN DEATH is a true marvel as the author does a masterful job capturing the confusion Eve finds when she is assigned this baffling case. I just could not put this book down, even to go to sleep. It was that good.

What makes this series so beloved with her readers is the way the characters continue to grow with each book. Eve and Raork especially are connected on a soul level that comes across perfectly in GOLDEN IN DEATH. They have been through so much in the last several books that it is nice to see the connection between them grow stronger in this new book. Some may complain that not all of Eve’s friends, etc. are involved in this fiftieth book but then we wouldn’t have a story that is so compelling and addicting. We got the core group (Eve, Roark, Peabody, McNabb, etc.) involved with this one and it works just fine with the group that is needed by Eve. With an addition of a new secondary character or two, the reader can enjoy a storyline that could be cut right from the pages in the future.

GOLDEN IN DEATH works because the author delivers a complex mystery to solve filled with compelling characters that literally step from the pages and into your living room. They are bold, well written and just downright amazing in my opinion. This is an author that knows how to craft a story that will leave you breathless. If you enjoy a high-octane story that will eave you eager for more than I urge you to run to grab GOLDEN IN DEATH. It’s truly a masterpiece and now I can’t see where this author goes next in the fifty-first book.

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