Thursday, July 2, 2020

SISTERS BY CHOICE by Susan Mallery

A Blackberry Island Novel, Book 4
Mira Publishing
February 11, 2020
Contemporary Romance Fiction
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Self-Purchase
4 Hearts


Sophie Lang thought she had it all with her business, a cat toy company until it went all up in flames. Back on Blackberry Island, she struggles to control every aspect of her life and business. But when you have a stranglehold on something eventually, something must break.
Kristine has always been about her family but lately her dreams are starting to knock on her door, and she wonders why she can’t follow her dream of opening a bakery now that kids are older and in school. But when she is told to choose: her marriage or her dream, what way will she go?

Heather is determined to get ahead and move off the island but every time she gets one step further to her goal, her mother has another crisis that takes it all away. Will Heather be able to break free from a smothering and dominant mother and get where she longs to go, or will she be stuck on Blackberry Island forever?

Sisters in all but blood, cousins and more, these three women will find that sometimes you have to find the strength to go after what you want in order to get where you need to be, be it love, family and friendships.

SISTERS BY CHANCE is full of humor, love, friendships and more told in Susan Mallery’s trademark style and I for one am thrilled to be back here on Blackberry Island. I love this series with its quirky and wonderful characters, a gorgeous setting and small-town life with all its fun and foibles. I loved everything about this book from the three main characters to the way they overcame their issues to find everlasting happiness. Ms. Mallery tells a wonderful and charming tale full of humor, grace and full of strength that comes out when they need it most. The story flowed smoothly, and the characters were interesting yet also complex. I loved the mix between personalities and more with this book.

Sophie, Kristine and Heather are cousins by blood and are always there for one another so when each has a crisis then family comes to the rescue…or sometimes not. Each woman finds strength to go after their dreams, though not without a few bumps in the road and I loved each of the three’s journeys to get to their result. Each woman needed their bumps in order to see what was acceptable to them and not. I loved how different each were from one another and unique. The characters were spectacular like always with a Susan Mallery book and I was rooting for all three to get their heart’s desire in the end.

SISTERS BY CHOICE was a wonderful heartfelt read that will keep you entertained till the very end. I hope Ms. Mallery comes back to this wonderful island again in the future as it’s always a wonderful time here on Blackberry Island and I love meeting new residents there.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement

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