Sunday, September 12, 2021

SHADOW STORM by Christine Feehan

(Shadow Riders #6)
Piatkus Books, May 2021
Paranormal Romance

The book all Feehan fans has been waiting for, Emmanuelle & Valentino’s story, SHADOW STORM, is finally here.  The first five books in the Shadow Riders series have all been leading up to this book and readers can’t wait to find out how Val is going to fit into this interesting and unique family dynamic.

A longtime feud between the Ferraro and Saldi families comes to a head in the sixth Shadow Riders book, SHADOW STORM.  The youngest Ferraro, Emmanuelle has watched each of her brothers find love with their mates while she is left feeling betrayed by the man she loves.  For two years, she has avoided anything associated with Val until she learns he’s been shot during a takeover attempt of his family’s territory.  When Emme calls her big brother for help, the entire Ferraro clan comes to help and protect the Saldis from further attack.  Emme’s decision brings her back into Val’s circle and his arms.  It also puts her and her family in the middle of a private war.  Only time will tell who survives the SHADOW STORM that is brewing.

This reader has enjoyed just about every book that Ms. Feehan has written to-date.  Some have been better than others, but all of them are well written and filled with suspense.  SHADOW STORM follows suit.  That said, this reader’s expectations were very high for Emme’s story.  Perhaps a little too high.  Emme’s character and Val’s have been fully developing over the course of the prior books in this series.  The storyline is realistic (well, maybe not the traveling through shadows part, but…), and emotions are running high.  Emme has really matured over the span of the series and it is a welcome surprise to see her finally stepping up for her man.  The way her family rallies with her to help Emme (and through extension the Saldis) defines the heart of this series.

While this reader was hoping for something more, something I can not define, Ms. Feehan certainly did not let her fans down with SHADOW STORM.  Fans of Ms. Feehan’s entertaining writing style and the paranormal romance genre are sure to enjoy finally getting to hear Emme & Val’s story.  The Shadow Riders remains among Ms. Feehan’s best series to-date.

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