Sunday, October 19, 2008


Publisher Loose ID
Date published September 2008
ISBN 978-1-59632-769-6
LGBT Fantasy Paranormal
Reviewed by Dawn

The Dark Elves have been “discovered” by the humans and though times have changed little, some humans are intrigued with the fabled Dark Elves. One such human is a bard named Kinig, who finds the Dark Elves mysterious and very seductive. He works up the courage to ask to join the Dark Elves for as long as they let him to learn more of their ways and to be their human ambassador. He never expects to find love in the arms of the Dark Elves own bard himself, Fallil. Kinig leaves the Dark Elves to find his fame and to spread the word of their goodness when the unthinkable happens: he is kidnapped by a lone elf mage who wants answers on the Dark Elves. Can Kinig find his way back to Fallil and the Dark Elves he has learned to love? Will the lone elf woman named Niadlye be able to help him escape?

Jet Mykles has done it again with her newest Dark Elves story. This reviewer may be a little bias since I fell in love with the series from the first book and Ms. Mykles keeps delivering more stories that capture the readers’ attention from the first page to the last. Each story is like a glistening painting, with characters that step off the pages and into the spotlight. Ms. Mykles writing just keeps getting better with each book. She adds layers to the Dark Elves mystique and the mystery surrounding them that has the reader ready for more twists and turns. With each page, you get a deeper look into the main characters and the story evolves to the point where I was ready to leap up and scream with excitement over all the twists this author gives us. Just a word of warning, there is some graphic artwork in the book, M/M situations among other sexual and graphic situations that may not appeal to you.

In DARK ELVES 5: DISCOVERY, you find the elves have been “discovered” by the humans and they are beginning to foster relationships with the fabled elves. One such human is fascinated with them and asks to come with them, to learn more about them and to be their human ambassador to the world. He gets his wish, only to find a love so deep that it blows his mind. The character of Kinig is a delight and a wonderful addition to the Dark Elves series. Ms. Mykles starts delving into his relationship with the Dark Elf, Fallil and soon the reader is caught up in the love that encompasses them. It is a lovely and powerful romance that transcends the pages. Ms. Mykles delves deeper into the dark elves world and introduces two new characters to the mix that keeps the reader guessing to their motives and origins. With a shocking twist at the end, the question remains from this reviewer: What is going to happen next in the Dark Elves world?

Ms. Mykles definitely delivers another tier to the Dark Elves series with her latest book, DISCOVERY. If you enjoy sensual elves that make your panties wet, a tight storyline that continues to delve deeper and deliver countless twists and turns, then grab DARK ELVES 5: DISCOVERY for a delightful imaginative ride. I do recommend reading the rest of the series first if you haven’t ever read one of the Dark Elves books. This reviewer is looking forward to the next chapter in the Dark Elves series.

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