Monday, June 22, 2009

BLIND CONSENT by Michael W. Davis

Publisher: Champagne Books
Date published: April 2009
ISBN: 978-1-897445-66-2
Romantic Suspense
E book
Reviewed by Dawn

CLICK TO PURCHASE! The town of Tanglewood Falls is a picturesque town that you can enjoy and explore, but there is a secret that is haunting it that will destroy the serendipity of this breathtaking place and cause one man to find the truth to his past, to the visions that haunt him and to the one woman who may be the answer to it all. For Tanglewood Falls is a place where folklore is the norm and these town citizens think Annie is blessed. One man will do anything to keep the secret of Tanglewood Falls just that, a secret and Ryan and Annie are in his crosshairs. Can they survive to see the truth come out into the public eye before it is too late?

BLIND CONSENT is a gripping suspenseful story that author Michael Davis delivers with his trademark style. Full of twists, turns and an ending you don’t see, I was blown away by the sheer scope of BLIND CONSENT. The characters are imaginative, multifaceted and intriguing. Mr. Davis does a masterful job telling the hidden story behind the breathtaking Tanglewood Falls.

Meet Ryan, a man driven by nightmares and dreams that have haunted him for over twenty years. He returns to Tanglewood Falls and finds something seething under the beauty of the place and more secrets he can unravel in one sitting. He meets Annie, a woman with her own secrets that she guards yet he can not help falling for her even with the doubts crashing through his mind. A town full of folklore and the townspeople feel Annie is “blessed”. Can Ryan sort out the secrets and find the answer to his nightmares and dreams before the past crashes into his present and destroys his future? Ryan is an intriguing character.. He comes across as confused yet determined to end the mystery of these confusing dreams and scary nightmares he has been having. Annie is a woman who may have secrets of her own but she delivers softness to Ryan that had me rooting for these two to succeed in finding their answers fast. I love how intricate Mr. Davis has his characters, with faults of their own and yet they persevere to the end, getting their answers and finding a love worth fighting for.

BLIND CONSENT is a gripping edge of the seat ride that the author delivers with a broad stroke of his pen, giving the reader glimpses into heaven as they find themselves embroiled in a mystery that encompasses Tanglewood Falls. You have a mystery that will keep you guessing, a romance to soothe those rough edge of the seat turns Mr. Davis delivers. If you enjoy a story that keeps you guessing from start to finish, characters that intrigue you and a storyline that delivers heart pounding twists and turns, then grab BLIND CONSENT. I am fast becoming one of this author’s biggest fans. You won’t be disappointed.

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