Saturday, September 8, 2012

CAPTIVATED by Lauren Dane

Phantom Corps, Book 3
Publisher: Berkley Trade
Date published: May 2012
ISBN-13: 978-0425247365
Erotic Futuristic
Book format: paperback
Reviewed by Tammy

The third book in Lauren Dane’s Phantom Corps series, CAPTIVATED, is at its heart a story of acceptance, devotion and commitment that all romance readers are sure to enjoy.

Vincenz Fardelle is the exiled son of the leader of the Imperialist Universe and has spent the past decade fighting to stop the threat from his father’s forces. Sharing his life as a soldier and lover with Vincenz, Julian Marsters is still trying to get over the loss of a close friend and has made vengeance his main goal. After liberating Hannah Black on a mission from a year of captivity where she was tortured and kept in complete isolation by Imperialist troops, Vincenz returns home with her and together Vincenz and Julian help the emotionally shattered Hannah rebuild her life. As the war continues around them, Hannah discovers that she can complete Vincenz and Julian on the battlefield as well as the bedroom.

The relationship between the three characters develops so naturally and easily that is seems fated that Hannah join their lives. The three form an incredibly solid and loving family unit. The sex scenes were well written and emotionally satisfying.

This reader’s only negatives come from the speed in which the threesome develops and the speed in which Hannah joins the battle seemingly without any training, becoming part of a well trained and elite fighting unit. Also, why was it so easy to get Hannah out of the clutches of the enemy and having kept her alive and isolated for a year, why don’t they appear to care that she has escaped?

All in all, Lauren Dane’s CAPTIVATED was still one of the better ménage a trios stories this reader has come across in some time. It is nice to see a story where the ménage is part of the story, but not the point of the story. Futuristic romance fans should really enjoy CAPTIVATED, even those that normally might not have interest in stories involving multiple partner sex scenes.


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