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Butler, Vermont Series, Book 1
HTJB, Inc.
February 14th, 2017
Contemporary Romance, Small Town romance


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4.5 Hearts

When Grayson Coleman moves back to Butler, Vermont after years of working as a high-powered attorney in Boston, he is burnt out and trying to figure out his options. What he didn’t expect is to be charmed by a pint size cutie named Simone and feel the pull to Simone’s mother, Emma Mulvaney over the holidays. She is sweet, beautiful and has a shyness that just tugs at his heart. After helping to raise his seven siblings, he wasn’t interested in a family just yet but there is something to Emma and Simone that just draws him to them.

Emma is enjoying her time in Butler and loves that her daughter is enjoying herself. What Emma didn’t expect is to feel the sparks of something between her and one of the Abbott cousins, Grayson. She finds him entertaining, he’s good to Simone and she can talk to him about anything. What she didn’t anticipate was how much she enjoyed herself with him and can’t wait to go out with him. But when dinner turns into something more, can Emma and Grayson let themselves see where it will go or will this holiday week flirtation fizzle out?

I got to admit I was absolutely thrilled to see that this author is returning to Butler, Vermont and continuing the series on her own. I loved how the author uses song titles for her titles of the books and the characters are so much fun to read and devour. I absolutely love the Abbott family and in this book, we see a bit more of Grayson’s family which opens a whole new set of people for the matchmakers in the Abbott family. It was nice to revisit with them and see all my favorite characters again in EVERY LITTLE THING. Even though this is book one of the Butler, VT series, it continues where the last book in the Green Mountain series, Ain’t She Sweet, left off. The author does an amazing job in keeping the story going and I loved how seamless this fits right in the series. The story flows smoothly and kept my attention till the very end. But it’s the characters that are the star of this series. They are captivating, entertaining and keep the reader glued to the pages till the very end. The author does a marvelous job in capturing the diverse cast of characters just perfectly and this is a big cast of characters to enjoy. Plus we meet some new ones that are just as interesting and I can’t wait to see where this author goes next for the series.

We met Grayson and Emma in the last book and I loved that we got to see those sparks fly completely in their own book. Grayson is jaded and tired, hoping that small town life as a lawyer will be better for him than staying in the high powered law firm he was in for years. Emma is a strong woman who is so gun shy over relationships; she is amazed that just being around Grayson puts her at ease. I loved these two right off the bat. They had sparks flying right from the start and even though we knew a little about Grayson’s background and family, I didn’t know much about Emma and Simone. The author does a great job in keeping the characters true to themselves and Simone is a hoot. I loved her old soul outlook and her infectious excitement in being in Vermont as well as trying new things. What got to me was Emma’s back-story which is heartbreaking yet also made me root for her to get her own chance at happy ever after. She definitely deserved to find love and happiness, if not with Grayson but with someone else. Luckily Grayson is just the right guy to steal her heart and hold onto it tight. The characters are engaging, multidimensional and diverse. The author does a great job in capturing all of their unique personalities and I loved catching up with all the beloved characters again in EVERY LITTLE THING, even Fred, the Moose, who is by far my favorite character ever since the first book.

EVERY LITTLE THING is a great romance that will tease you, thrill you and steal your heart along the way. With the right amount of romance, passion and more, the author does an amazing job with the lush background of Vermont to steal the reader away for hours on end and captivate them till the last page is read. We get a glimpse of who may be next in the crosshairs of the Abbott matchmakers and I am gleeful after a few hints through the Green Mountain series off just who that may be. If you enjoy tender romance, sizzling passion and a writer that delivers an engaging story then you will love this series. I do highly recommend reading it from the beginning to get a sense of who everyone is and how past couples met & fell in love. Another winner for author Marie Force and I am really hoping we don’t wait long for the next installment in the Butler, Vermont series.


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