Thursday, February 16, 2017

ONCE YOU GO DEMON by Sean Michael

Publisher: Changeling Press
Date published: 01/27/2017
ISBN: 07935-02561
Paranormal Romance, Dark Fantasy, BDSM

Reviewed by Gabrielle  (

Obtained via publisher
Rating: 4 Hearts

This book gives readers two stories that are nicely intertwined together. In one story we get Kerr's adventure.  Kerr has worked for years in Horatio's service until one day when he is unexpectedly told that he has been sold. Kerr begins a new adventure under the care of Master Ceris. Along the way Kerr is also given a demon to train himself. Kerr must find a way to fit in to this new household and figure out just how to train a boy of his own. Just as these three demons begin their dance another story is taking shape in the household. Bel is the head of this household and he has plans for his friend Horatio. Once he wins Kerr from Horatio all of Bel's plans are set into motion. He sees the truth about Horatio and is more than ready to grab his chance to prove that Horatio is a submissive and will soon be his.

This is a wonderful read about finding ones true self. Horatio is hiding his true nature under the guise of being a dominant. While Kerr is a pleasure demon who has not been used in years. Both men must find themselves if they truly want to be happy. Kerr soon finds the attention he has longed for from Master Ceris and his new pet Harmony. I loved seeing the relationship between these three work itself out. The demons attraction is strong and soon it becomes powerful. I hope that we get to see more from Ceris,Kerr and Harmony in the future. Horatio and Bel's story is just as compelling. Watching Horatio fight and try to work through it all makes for an engaging read. Horatio must find out what he truly wants and let go. Bel is there for him every step of the way and we can see the love that he has for the other demon.

These two stories are emotional as well as hot. These demons are dominants and pleasure demons and their interactions are intense. The sex is powerful and vivid and builds on their love. They learn that trust and love can hold them together better than it can tear them apart. I enjoyed my visit to this world built by this author  and hope that it is not the last one.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.


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