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First Family Book 3
September 20th, 2022
Contemporary, Crime/Police, Romantic Suspense
PaperbackReviewed by Dawn (
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4 Hearts

The biggest night of President Cappuano’s life is here, and he has no idea if his wife, Lt. Samantha Holland will show up for his first State of the Union Address. For Sam, trying to balance being a working mom and first lady is like juggling chainsaws while they are on. With a puzzling case and trying to support her husband Nick as he deals with one thing after another as President, Sam is on edge over everything. But as times get tough, Nick and Sam find themselves drawing on their shared strength as a couple while dealing with issues between family, friends and work. For with these two, when push comes to shove, Nick and Sam turn to one another to fight for their family, their lives and more.

STATE OF THE UNION continues the First Family spin-off of the Fatal Series with an explosive addition as Sam finds herself tugged in so many directions at work and at home, she has figure out her footing before it gets so bad, she is swept away from it all. Nick is dealing with one crisis after another as well as the bubble he has put himself and his family in as the First Family of the United States. With each book in this series, Marie Force delivers an explosive storyline that will keep you glued to the pages till the very end. I couldn’t put this book down and that ending has me on tenterhooks waiting for State of Shock in December to get here. With each book I read from this author, I fall more in love with her world building, her entertaining and complex characters, and the storylines she crafts has me in awe over her talent to create such masterpieces.

STATE OF THE UNION picks up a few months after State of Grace (book 2) and we get to see how Sam, Nick and their family is dealing with being thrust into the world’s spotlight as well as dealing with the fishbowl they are dealt with. Concessions by Sam in regard to her job as Metro PD’s Homicide Lieutenant is trying to do her job as a police officer as well as being the First Lady as well. I love, love, love how this author captures Sam’s issues head on as she balances two jobs, being a working mom, her family and her marriage to Nick. For me, this keeps it real instead of everything being all great and fairytales. The challenges Sam faces are relatable (though not sure about the whole First lady aspect but as a working mom), I love how the author gets how conflicted Sam can be as she deals with another baffling case, the demands on her as First Lady and more. STATE OF THE UNION delivers so much in terms in character development and the fact that it is relatable as working parents with demanding career trying to juggle everything. I got to admit a few times I was as annoyed as Sam as the case she is dealing with delivers no leads time and again. The last half of the book is when all those twists and turns delivers the climatic ending that left me in shock. I won’t spoil it in case you haven’t read this one yet but suffice to say December can not get here fast enough for me to see what happens next.

Marie Force is one of my favorite authors and an auto-buy or me whenever she has a new release and STATE OF THE UNION is a crown jewel in my mind. I love how she keeps the tension woven through the story as well as some light heartedness as well to break it up a little, get the reader to smile and laugh as it turns back to serious issues. Ms. Force has a gift of storytelling on par with Nora Roberts and Patricia Briggs in that they completely capture the readers attention and delivers stories that you can not put down.

STATE OF THE UNION delivers more than two main characters fighting to solve the case and live another day. It’s about balance, love in all its forms, family, and friends and more. In this, Marie Force gives us, the readers, a series that is full of those heartbreaking moments as well as those healing moments that will steal your heart. I can not recommend this author the most because she delivers in STATE OF THE UNION in more ways than one and this time, I am eager to see just what else she has in store for Sam and Nick as they embark on this adventure as First Family.


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