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Alien Blood Wars Part Two by Samantha Cayto

Publisher: Pride Publishing
Date Published: August 25,2020
Paranormal, Gay, Erotic romance, Science Fiction, BDSM
Reviewed by Gabrielle (

Obtained via publisher
Rating: 4 Hearts

This is the second box set of this engaging series. This set contains three books from this series. Each book gives readers a look into a world where vampires and aliens are real and they are fighting for dominance and Earth is the battleground. The aliens have made our planet their home for years and they have begun to find those that make them whole but can they take a chance and reveal themselves? Can they trust not only their hearts but their very lives to love? As they fight the war against the corrupt and evil the men must figure out if they are willing to fight for love.

I am a fan of this series and was quickly pulled into each story. Each story brings a new chapter to the war and a new couple. In Star Dance we meet Malcolm and Brenin. These two grew on me the more I learned about them. This book gives us a look at some of what Brenin and Dafydd go through under Dracul. Brenin and Malcolm both deal with their own demons and learn to trust their hearts. Mating Dance gives us Trey and Demi’s story. Detective Trey Duncan tries his hardest to fight his attraction to Demi but the young man is determined to get what he wants and Trey is it. Their relationship has grown throughout this series and this book brings it to the forefront. I enjoyed seeing the true strength of these two. We get to see what lies beneath the surface with Demi and the depth of the love that Trey has for him. The two make a good couple. Healing Dance is an emotion filled book; it is full of healing. Both Brenin and Dafydd play prominent roles in this book. Ric finds that he wants to be more than just a doctor to Dafydd but will Dafydd be able to heal and let Ric in? As the group fights the evil of Dracul we get to see more from Malcolm and Brenin and we get to see Ric and Dafydd begin to find their way. These stories bring us more of the war between the aliens. Fighting and finding Dracul is now not the only thing these men live for. The author has created an interesting world and keeps each story fresh making you eager to see what will happen next. 

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.


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