About LR&M Reviews

When Love Romances and More first opened its doors as Love Romances in 2001 there were only a handful of e-publishers sending reviews. An average month saw maybe 25-30 book offered with reviewers competing for books. 

Over time more epubs opened their doors and the majority of the print houses found their way to Love Romances which led us to changing our name to Love Romances and More long before many of the other review sites added "and More" to their names. We went from receiving 25-30 book requests for month to over 250 being offered. This has made competition for reviews tight. Many publishers do not even receive a request for one review for month and for this we are sorry, however, we cannot and will not force a reviewer to take a book that they are not interested in reviewing. 

We update our blog on a regular basis with new reviews being posted daily. We encourage publishers to check in at http://loveromancesandmore.blogspot.com/ every few weeks to see what is new. We feel that from a marketing standpoint publishers have a snapshot of what is selling and popular at any given time. Each publisher's name is listed on the left hand panel. 

We cannot guarantee a review for all books, but if one is requested we post the review within sixty days barring a health or system shut down in that time period. 

Our Review Staff as follows:

Gina: GinaLRM@gmail.com or LRM@gmail.com
Dawn: love2read28@gmail.com
Val: valbo0302@yahoo.com
Susan: 622000@gmail.com
Tammy: TammyLRM@gmail.com

Kelly: marwhitpinky12@yahoo.com
Helen: helen.woodall@gmail.com

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