Monday, February 22, 2010

COUNTESS OF SCANDAL *The Daughters of Erin, book one* by Laurel McKee

Publisher: Hachette Book Group
Date published: Feb 2010
ISBN: 9780446544788
Ireland Historical Romance
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Penny
Obtained via: Publisher

Eliza Blacknall and William Denton were childhood sweethearts. That is until, as a younger son, he joined the English military. As a diehard Irish supporter, this broke Eliza’s heart and she cast him from her. Now years later, Eliza is now a widowed countess and she uses her independence and power to help the Irish cause. And William is back with the mission of subduing the Irish uprising. He is shocked to discover that he and Eliza are now on opposing sides…and that the attraction they had for each other is still alive and well. How can Will chose between his duty to England, and the love of his life?

This book captured my interests and held on to it for dear life. I am a huge historical romance lover and this one did not disappoint until the very end. It seemed to come to quite the abrupt ending and one that didn’t seem to tie up the lose ends. I must say I was rather disgruntled.

But other than that, COUNTESS OF SCANDAL is an enthralling book and one that I could hardly put down long enough for a snack break. Eliza is a delightfully headstrong woman who I rooted for from the very start. She is a fighter and one who will not let anyone stop her supporting what she believes in. Will is a handsome leading man with many of the same qualities. It is just a good thing that neither one is necessarily beyond changing their minds! These characters are mesmerizing and I can’t wait to read the next two stories in this trilogy, the stories of Eliza’s sisters Anna and Caroline. These are two of the riveting secondary characters we read about in COUNTESS OF SCANDAL. Laurel McKee has penned these girls in such a way that the reader will be clamoring for their stories so I am glad that Ms McKee is indulging us.


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