Tuesday, April 8, 2008

DAFFODIL - Flowers of Camelot Series Book 3 - Anny Cook

Publisher Ellora’s Cave
Date published March 2008
ISBN 9781419915468
Reviewed by Dawn

Click here to purchase! The youngest daughter of Florian LeFleur is not happy to be taken away from her home and told she is getting a husband. She was happy with her lover, Raulf at the manor but Florian is determined she can do much better than a butler! Chaos, passion, romance and mystery follows Daffodil as se finds out that she is not the one in charge anymore and soon begins a lesson that has Daffodil screaming in ecstasy and mysteries that has them racing against the clock! It is another fine day in Camelot and the fun has just begun.

Welcome to Came-a-lot, a place where sexy romps are the norm and clothing is optional. Ms. Cook delivers a rollicking fun ride as she delves into the youngest daughter’s tale and this reviewer was either squirming in her seat or howling with laughter at the antics of her characters. It is definitely not for the faint of heart though. This has some M/M and M/F/M interaction in it so it may not be for everyone.

Meet Daffodil, the youngest daughter of Florian LeFleur.She is quite happy staying at LeFleur Manor and enjoying her arrangement with the sexy butler,Raulf. Considering he is the only one who can give her what she needs, you bet she is not going to want a husband, especially one picked out by her father.When she is dragged off to Came-a-lot, Raulf finds his prized cock rings and favorite floggers are missing. Racing to find the thief, he uses it to claim Daffodil as his own and unfortunately not being able to master her in a leisurely fashion, he finds himself racing to find the King’s Pet rock and capture the evil Morgana all while sprinkling in Daffodil’s sexy lessons. Add in some magical fairies and dragons,you got a story just begging to be taken.

This reviewer was fascinated by this author’s wonderful prose and wit thatleapt out from the pages. Her characters are multi-faceted and you get to see the inner qualities that made them so likeable and delectable at the same time.Ms. Cook delivers a wild and entertaining story in DAFFODIL and this entire reviewer can moan is: will there be more?

If you want a story that has intriguing characters, a roller coaster of a story and erotic passion sprinkled amid the pages, than grab DAFFODIL as well as Chrysanthemum and Honeysuckle. You will definitely want to run off to Came-a-lot yourself to grab your own very virile dragon or men.

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Anny Cook said...

Wow! Thank you soooooo much for that wonderful review! You made my day!

Another one, you ask? I hope so! I just submitted the next one to my editor so we'll cross our fingers!