Sunday, January 11, 2009

AZAZEL: Fallen Angel Series by Dawn McClure

Publisher: Samhain Books
Date published: November 2008
ISBN 978-1-60504-266-4
Paranormal Romance
Reviewed by Dawn

Alexia is one of the best assassins in the Alliance but she tosses it all away when one of her fellow assassins and friends calls in fear. Alexia races to help her friend when she literally bumps into the one man who turns her on like no other has and has her wondering what she can do to get him to give her the passion she craves that may leave them both wanting more. Can Alexia and Azazel fight for a brimming love that will have them battling more than their feelings and rogue demons…..they will have to possibly battle Satan himself for the chance to explore their newfound love?

This was a new author for this reviewer and she doesn’t disappoint in AZAZEL. Author Dawn McClure delves into Fallen Angels, demons and vampires in her newest release, AZAZEL. AZAZEL tells the story of one of the First Angelic Revolt Angels. He is now one of Satan’s premier assassins and is on a mission to get to the rogue demons before they cause anymore chaos in the human world than they have. When he encounters Alliance assassin, Alexia, he finds more than just another woman in his field but one that stirs his senses and is a powder keg of lust as well. Passion explodes between them but can these two be able to live with the fact it might not be enough for them?

I really enjoyed the dynamics between Azazel and Alexia as well as their interactions with secondary characters had this story moving quickly, with many twists and turn that lead up to an explosive climax that will blow the readers’ mind. Sinfully hot and one fallen Angel I would love to explore is Azazel, and Alexia is one kick butt heroine that gives Azazel a run for his money every time they butt heads and crave each other’s touch.

AZAZEL is a wonderful treat to read and the hot sexy love scenes will leave you burning up so make sure to grab your significant other or run a cool shower to cool off. Can Alexia and Azazel find a way to be together or will they be apart forever? Read the first installment in this exciting new series on Fallen Angels and be ready to add this new author to your reading list. I highly recommend this great paranormal story for those who love anything with demons, vampires, angels and sexy heroes who fall for those heroines who go toe to toe with them.

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