Thursday, April 9, 2009

THE WOLF: Settler’s Mine, Book 4 by Mechele Armstrong

Publisher: Loose-Id
Date issued: January 2008
ISBN: 978-1-59632-855-6
Erotic, paranormal, futuristic, romance
Reviewed by Valerie

CLICK TO PURCHASE!Clyde lives on Settler’s Mine where he is safe from the bounty hunters that are after him. But when he goes into heat, he needs sex and plenty of it and there is only one place he can go where his needs can be met. He needs one of his own race, a Wolfton to satisfy his needs. But when he gets there, instead of his usual whore he finds Angelica. Angelica isn’t expecting anyone, but when a shuttle nearby lands and a large, horny Wolfton asks her if she is a whore, she finds herself answering yes. She is soon in an erotic haze and Clyde takes her to new heights as she plays submissive to him. Clyde thinks he has just another whore to take care of his needs, but he soon finds out that there is something special about Angelica. In fact, she is his mate. When bounty hunters land, his first thought is to run back to Settler’s Mine, but with Angelica to protect he realises it’s time to face the fight once and for all.

This story left me absolutely breathless! From beginning to end, the reader is taken on an erotic journey that will leave her panting along with the characters. As with Angelica, you will be wondering if you can take anymore, but as with Angelica, you will thrill with her as she reaches new heights with this sexy, wonderful man. So, you have guessed by now that there is a lot of sex in this story, and some of it is rough and kinky. But, there is a lot of romance and emotion too. The plot is not overlooked either. This is one of those stories where the sex and plot compliment each other brilliantly. We get to look inside these two complicated characters and we see the outside danger that threatens to break them apart. I had to smile at the part when Angelica woke up to find a wolf lying next to her. Poor Clyde had never changed before. It had consequences. I really need to pick up the other Settler’s Mine books as soon as possible.

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