Friday, July 31, 2009

TRUE COLORS by Clare London

Publisher: Dreamspinners Press
Date published: May 2009
ISBN: 978-1-935192-94-7
Contemporary, GLBT
Reviewed by Miss April

CLICK TO PURCHASE! TRUE COLORS by Clare London is a story of adversity and growth. A young playboy artist loses everything and finds what he needs. A cold young business man buys an art gallery and gets so much more than he ever thought possible.

Zeke is a young man who follows in his famous artist brother’s shadow. Trying to get out from under that, he buys a gallery. After a terrible fire and the death of his brother, Zeke slowly loses it all, finally, having to sell the gallery to get clear of his debts. In doing so he meets Miles Winter, the man who buys his gallery, the man who seems to react to him with interest.

Miles is a young man who has learned to turn off his emotions. They just get in his way with his business. Now however, he meets a man who turns him upside down. Give him a business deal and he can handle it but how is he supposed to handle his feelings for Zeke. As they work together to make the gallery the best they can, they are drawn to one another again and again.

This was a marvelous book. Full of angst and mystery, it sucked me in and never let me down for the entire ride. I felt for Zeke, who was trying to figure out so much in his life. Zeke struggles so with what has happened in his life but also with what is happening with Miles. I wanted Miles to cave in and admit his feelings for Zeke. It was as if he had to fight himself as much as any outside force. I wanted Zeke to go back to his art, not only because of himself but for others in the story as well. There was also a delightful side story with Miles best friend, Red and Zeke’s friend Carter. These two were a perfect foil for Miles and Zeke. It was fun watching what happens with those two as well as the main characters. But most of all I wanted Zeke and Miles to be together. Together, there was a sizzle on the pages that heated the whole room. Let’s just say that ice water and a fan are a must for this book. Add in a mystery and someone nasty behind the scenes and you have a wonderful book.

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