Saturday, August 1, 2009

COWBOY by J.M. Synder

Publishee: eXcessica Publishing
Date issued: July 2009
Genre: Contempoary, GLBT, M/M

Kent and Marcus have been together for two years, Kent is a good looking cowboy who makes Marcus’s blood boil just by looking at him. Kent is the owner of Kent’s Market and Marcus works for him and he is also Kent’s lover. Marcus is a young man who just wants to be loved by his very own cowboy, Kent. Marcus is a lovey dovey type guy, while Kent is a man who wants to run his business and have a little nip tuck every now and them but lately he’s been nipping a little too much. Marcus doesn’t feel like he’s being loved like he should, he’s tired of fast sex with no meaning, no cuddling, no kisses. One day a stranger is noticed in the barn, the stranger has a name, his name is Luke and Marcus is not letting this man get away!

What a great story, the sexual tension between Marcus and Luke alone had me panting like I was in labor. I was screaming for ice chips! I could see the fire in Marcus’ eyes and as he looked at Luke, these two wanted to touch, kiss, and make love every time they were in reach of each other. Like a moth to a flame they burned so good for each other. Kent has some good days but not enough, with his drinking and not really wanting Marcus. Talking about torn between two lovers, Marcus loved Kent in his own way because he had given him a place to stay, food on the table, basically Kent did what he was supposed to do without the love mixed in. I’m sure Kent loved him in his own way but it wasn’t enough for Marcus. Luke on the other hand had the kisses, the touches, the conversation, the hot tantalizing, liquid fire lovemaking for him and he just couldn’t give that up, could he? NO! Ms. Snyder gets you all hot and bothered and then gives you the goods to back this story up to make you want to read this story over and over again. You get your love, drama, stolen kisses and a whole lot more to keep you reading until it says. The end!

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