Monday, November 9, 2009


Publisher: Pink Petal Books
Date published: August 2009
No ISBN # Given
Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy
Obtained Via: Publisher
Reviewed by Dawn

CLICK TO PURCHASE! Five years ago, Detective Andrea Haney and her partner, Darren O’ Connel, were involved in a relationship that ended badly. Andrea has been determined to never fall for his charms again and when a case she is working on has her working with Darren again, eager to get back into her good graces, will Andrea be able to resist the one man who has a hold on her heart? Will they be able to find a way to stop a sorcerer manufacturing a deadly drug that is killing people all over?

SPIRITED by author Cari Z. was a pleasant surprise and well worth the few hours of reading pleasure I got this afternoon. Ms. Cari Z delivers a story that keeps the reader enthralled from start to finish, had tight writing, some interesting characters and a mystery that keeps things tense between Andrea and Darren. These two characters are a joy to read as Andrea tried to keep her heart locked behind a wall and Darren was determined to break it down. The sexual tension between these two was quite electrifying and it helped that even though they had a past, Andrea and Darren also knew how to do their jobs as well…in this case to find out where the manufacture of the deadly drug, Fairy Dust, is and who is controlling it. Ms. Cari Z. is definitely an author to keep an eye on in the future and I just hope to see more of Andrea and Darren in the future.

SPIRITED introduces Det. Andrea Haney to the readers. A dedicated cop who is determined to find and bring down whoever is manufacturing the deadly drug, Fairy Dust, as it kills more people. Darren broke her heart five years before and she is determined to not succumb to his charms a second time. Can Andrea find a way to forgive the one man who is destined to hold her heart? SPIRITED answers that question and more as this author delves into the world of Shamanism and magic and Ms. Cari Z. deftly weaves a spell around you as you get into the problems Andrea faces as she squares off with Darren over their painful breakup. All the while trying to find a way to stop the toxic drug from killing others. With a fast paced storyline, this author keeps the reader intrigued even as the tension between the main characters heats up to almost boiling over.

If you enjoy a quick read that will keep you highly entertained and introduce you to memorable characters, than grab SPIRITED and settle in for a enjoyable ride. Ms. Cari Z. is a “new to me” author that I am going to keep an eye out for. I highly enjoyed SPIRITED and hope you can check it out as well.


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