Friday, November 6, 2009

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In league with a wonderful group of eXtasy authors, here’s Halloween our offerings, as you can see below or in out incredible trailer

by Courtney Breazile
Release date: 10/15/09

To experience passion is to choose death.

Release date 10/15/09

Can love heal death's soul?

By Jambrea Jo Jones
Release date 10/31/09

The road not traveled reveals a destiny unfulfilled.

by Angela Caperton
Release date 10/31/09

During Halloween bacchanal Fantasy Fest, will Claire embrace her own desires
and learn the true nature of the green flash?

by Laura Tolomei
Release date 10/31/09

The Druid, the hunter,his apprentice: sex, powe, and transformation…wWhat else?

And for fun, we each asked 3 questions about our Halloween fantasies and here’s all our answers:

Laura’s 3 questions.

1) What Halloween creature would you bring on a deserted island? Frankstein with John Holmes’s equipment.

2) What Halloween creature would you choose to become?

A vampire’s wife.
3) What would be the perfect Halloween soundtrack?

A howling wolf.

Angela’s 3 questions:

1) What's the sexiest Halloween costume you've ever worn? (or the best, or the funniest)

A gift wrap made only of the bow tied to my ass.
2) What's the funniest thing that ever happened to you at Halloween?

Making love to my husband.

3) Who - or what - in you Halloween eXtasy Books release do you consider the most Halloween-ish?
Cedric the Druid, the book’s narrating voice and protagonist.

Courtney’s 3 questions

1) What is your favorite pumpkin seed recipe, or pumpkin if you don't eat the seeds?
Toasted pumpkin seeds, salted on the outside, they’re great as a snack. Called “bruscolini” in Italian, they can even substitute popcorn when watching a movie.

2) What is your favorite Halloween Movie?

Nightmare Before Christmas.

3) What would be the scariest thing in a Haunted House for you?

Seeing my husband naked.

C.R.’s 3 questions

1) Do you like/dislike the Halloween season & why?

I love it because it’s the one time in the year that spirits, ghosts, saints, goblins, monsters and whatever other fantastic creature, good or evil, actually becomes alive.

2) What is/was your favorite Halloween candy?

None, I prefer salty to sweet treats.

3) Do you carve pumpkins?
Never did before and never will if I stay in Italy because it certainly isn’t among our traditions. In fact, we don’t even celebrate Halloween, but the All Hallows Day, which is the 1st of November, also known as All Saints Day.

Jambrea’s 3 Questions

1) If you could dress up as anyone for Halloween, who would it be?

My husband.

2) Halloween costumes: Sexy or Scary? Which do you like better?

The ones that are so sexy they scare me.

3) Do you have any Halloween traditions? If so, what?

None whatsoever. As I said, in Italy we don’t celebrate Halloween, rather All Hallows, which is a religious holiday, then All Dead, on Nov. 2nd, another feast of the spirits that aren’t living anymore. On both days, traditions mainly involve religious rites (mass and such) and of course a visit to your dead ones.

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This is going to be the best Halloween yet with eXtasy Books - Vampires, Shifters and Sex - A Match Made in Hell itself!

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