Monday, December 7, 2009

ANGELIC AVENGERS Book 1 in Series by Kaye Chambers

Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Date published: October 2009
Paranormal Romance
E book
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by Publisher

CLICK TO PURCHASE! Arabella “Bella” Morrison will do anything to finish her assignment. Catch a soul? Check. Keep shifters in line? Check. It’s all in a days work for Bella, as she is working for Angels and this time she has a mission that has her wondering just what she has gotten herself into now. Can Bella be able to work with a sexy half-angel and finish her job before all hell breaks loose?

ANGELIC AVENGERS is the first book in this new series and I have to say, Ms. Chambers kept me glued to the pages with a kick butt heroine that had me laughing one minute and groaning the next. Bella is a wonderful heroine in that she is a “Take no prisoners” type of woman and though she is trying to fix the imbalance she caused in the cosmos with her suicide, she is quick to find out that the higher ups have something in store for her and she just doesn’t know if she can take it. Ms. Chambers deftly gives the reader a glimpse into Bella’s past and how she is now atoning for it by working as a reaper for the angels. With a fast paced storyline that keeps the reader enthralled to multi-dimensional characters, Ms. Chambers delivers a story that will leave you giggling one minute to sighing in passion another.

To say Arabella Morrison is having a rough day is the least of her problems. Bella works for angels and in the process tries to restore some balance to the cosmos after her impulsive suicide off a bridge causes her to become a reaper. Guarding her heart, she finds herself thrust in a war between heaven and hell as she finds herself drawn to a half-angel man who stirs her like no other. Will Bella risk her heart to Gray? Or will she walk away from the one man who understands her like no other has? I love, love, love Bella. Spunky, hard headed yet the reader gets a sense of her vulnerable side as well. With the right touch of toughness and innocence, Ms. Chambers creates a heroine who the reader will resonate with. Gray Deverau is a hunky half-angel who drives Bella nuts in more ways than one. Working together will either drive them together in a raging passion or have Bella try to kill him in the process. Can Bella trust another man with her heart? That is the underlying question through ANGELIC AVENGERS.

I really enjoyed Ms. Chambers’s first book in her new ANGELIC AVENGERS series and hope you can race to grab it. If you love hunky angels, smart-ass heroines and kick butt action amid some hot sex, then grab ANGELIC AVENGERS and get ready for one wild time. Just make sure to have a bucket of ice close by to cool yourself off. I look forward to reading more in this series in the future.


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