Friday, December 18, 2009


Magnificent Men of Munich Story Publisher: Aspen Mountain Press Date published: November 2009 ISBN 978-1-60168-256-7 Contemporary Erotic Romance E-book Obtained by publisher Revied by Dawn CLICK TO PURCHASE! Isabella Carrington has wanted Rhineholdt Hoffman forever it seems and when she gets the chance to spend a weekend with him, she is determined to get him in her bed, whatever it takes though what Isabella finds out is once the heart is engaged, all bets are off. ISABELLA IGNITES is the final book in Ms. Taylor’s highly acclaimed Magnificent Men of Munich series and it delivers a sensual ride from start to finish. With intriguing characters, some great secondary characters and lots of simmering tension between Isabella and Rhineholdt, the reader is captivated from start to finish. I love Ms. Taylor’s past books in this series (TEDDI TURNS ON, LONNIE HEATS UP and FRANCINE ON FIRE) and highly recommend reading them in order as you get a sense of who the returning characters are as well as see how Isabella and Rhineholdt met. Meet Isabella Carrington, a woman who has it all: money, a jet set life and lots of men. But she desires the one man she hasn’t had yet: Rhineholdt Hoffman, a German Accountant who stirs her like no other. A weekend in Venice has her finally achieving her hearts desire with cataclysmic results. A strong and wonderful heroine, Ms. Taylor doesn’t disappoint in showing the reader Isabella’s free spirited ways and her unabashed desire to have Rhineholdt in her bed by whatever means necessary. With some secondary characters giving a nice dose of humor and to keep the story flowing smoothly, Ms. Taylor deftly weaves a sensual story around you as you flip the pages. Rhineholdt Hoffman has been trying to find the man he once was before a bad relationship had him turning his back on love and relationships. He doesn’t know what it is about Isabella, but she draws him like no other ever has. A complex hero, Rhineholdt was a pure delight as he found a way to battle his inner demons while falling for the one woman he thinks is all so wrong for him. Can these two work their way back together after their sensual and idyllic weekend ends in Venice? ISABELLA IGNITES is a wonderful and sensual journey of two people who desire a few days together and end up finding that their hearts are twined together. Ms. Taylor is a masterful storyteller who captivates the reader from the first page with her wonderful characters, exotic locations and simmering passion that keeps the reader flipping the pages to see what is next. I loved the entire series and look forward to reading them over again. ISABELLA IGNITES is a pleasure and the reader will ignite their own romance with their significant other after finishing this last Magnificent Men of Munich story. If you enjoy heart pounding, simmering tension, multi-dimensional characters and a fast paced storyline, then grab ISABELLA IGNITES as well as the first three books in the series. You will not want to put them down once you start them. Run, don’t walk, to grab this as well as the others in the series and settle in for a day of enjoyment and desires with Ms. Taylor’s Magnificent Men of Munich books. THIS IS NOT AN ENDORSEMENT OF THIS BOOK. THIS IS AN OBJECTIVE UNBIASED REVIEW.

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