Tuesday, December 1, 2009

NAUGHTY NIGHTS: ENSLAVED Book 1 in series by Kate Hill

Publisher: Changeling Press
Date published: October 2009
ISBN: 978-1-60521-136-7
Science Fiction Ménage
E book
Obtained by Publisher
Reviewed by Dawn

Shandra is a planet that is ruled by strong, dominant males and when human merchant, Radiance crash lands on the planet, she finds herself slave to two sexy men who make her knees weak and her body hum.

Darkrock and Strongsea are two strong leaders who despise the other or so they think. Being forced to marry one another, Darkrock and Strongsea find a passion that boils in their veins for one another. For both these two men, the third in their triad is a woman so beautiful; they vow to make her theirs in all ways. Can Radiance and Strongsea get to Darkrock’s heart before all hell breaks loose?

NAUGHTY NIGHTS: ENSLAVED is one hot story by author Kate Hill. I love the fact these two strong men were putty in Radiance’s hands and she was an equal to them after the whole “You are my slave” dialogue. Ms. Hill does a masterful job in creating a world and culture where a triad is the norm and that strong alpha males are able to show their tender sides with the right mates. I do want to warn that there are some M/M scenes that may not appeal to everyone.

Her first book in this series is about two strong leaders who despise the other or so they think. To stop the warring between them, their supreme leader orders them to combine strongholds and lands and then marry to form a triad with a woman of their choosing. To say the least, these two do not like it but in order to not lose all they hold dear, they tie the knot. What happens next will blow these two strong men as passion boils in their veins and they give into the sensual onslaught as they try to work through problems. These two guys are so yummy, I wanted to crash land on Shandra myself just to see what they could do to me. With the right touch of vulnerability and strength, Ms. Hill does a great job getting to these two strong men’s heart and shows the reader all their secrets and desires. Add in Radiance, a human woman who is drawn to them and is determined to be an equal as well on a world where women are not revered, Ms. Hill captures the perfect blend of strength, feistiness and sex appeal with her three main characters. They interacted well with some wonderful secondary characters that have me hoping they get their own stories soon and the sensual scenes will leave you breathless.

NAUGHTY NIGHTS: ENSLAVED is one hot read that will get your motor humming and all I can say is “please can I have more?” to this fabulous author. If you enjoy a hot ménage science fiction story that will keep you warm at night, then grab NAUGHTY NIGHTS: ENSLAVED. Just make sure to keep your significant other around to take the edge off after the last page is read.


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