Wednesday, December 2, 2009

STONE’S EMBRACE A Captive Souls Story by Delilah Devlin

Samhain Publishing
July 2009
Paranormal Romance
E book
Obtained by Publisher
Reviewed by Dawn

Petra Penderson has lived a life of a recluse. Due to power that was passed down from a father she never really knew, she lives alone. With this power, Petra feels shame since she can incite the lust in any person with just from a touch. Inheriting a mansion, Petra is exploring the grounds when she comes across a statue that calls to her and with one touch, let’s loose a man unlike any other she has ever met and a desire that flows like magma between them. Octavius has waited forever to be free and with Petra’s touch, he finds himself facing an ultimate choice: Choose between Petra the woman he is falling for or the desire of redemption.

STONE’S EMBRACE is a charming and hot story about a woman with a power that shames her to the core and a man who drives her passion into overdrive. I haven’t read the first one the Captive Souls stories and found it to be really enjoyable. The storyline is action packed, the sex scenes don’t take away from the storyline and delivers a nice dose of heat to Petra and Octavius’ romance and the characters are multi-dimensional. Ms. Devlin’s writing is tight and she gives us an in-depth look into two people who have been hurt before and see past to their vulnerabilities.
Meet Petra Penderson, a woman who never knew her father. She inherited a power that has her feeling isolated and alone as it can cause uncontrollable lust in men with just a touch from her. Petra is a heroine who has lived the life of a recluse, determined to never touch another. Until a chance inheritance has her awakening a statue of a gargoyle, with such raw passion that she gives into her desire and touches him. What she finds in her arms next is a man unlike any other and a sensual desire that scorches her to the bone. I love Petra and felt she was a likeable character who figured out the only way she knew how to have a somewhat normal life. With deep hurts and scars, Petra resonates with the reader as the author shows us her vulnerability and desires. Putting her with Octavius made the pages scorch like a wild fire. Octavius is a strong alpha male who made me want to snuggle up and then jump his bones. His need to be free from his stone prison helps keep the reader enthralled while these two heat things up as they fight for their freedom.

STONE’S EMBRACE is a very lusty and satisfying story that will leave you breathless after the last page is read. If you enjoy a fluid story with likeable characters and some really hot romance, then come grab STONE’S EMBRACE. It will surely heat things up on a cold winter’s night.


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