Wednesday, December 23, 2009

WARFLESH by Kim Knox

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Date published: November 2009
ISBN: 978-1-4199239-9-9
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained via: Author

CLICK TO PURCHASE! Fina Brodie is a Warflesh, a human enhanced to bring the ultimate pleasure as she negotiates for her government. This time, her orders are clear - to get the rights to the fabled Spice Water for her Emperor; she will be payment not the negotiator. Kian. The Lord of Tir is a virile and sexy man who keeps Fina guessing to what she has to do to secure the Spice Water. She is determined to do her job even as she finds out her partner is none other than Jonathon Raegh, the one man who rebuffed her years before and who kicks her lust into high gear. Will Fina, Kian and Jonathon survive the Spring Festival after the secrets of the Tir come out?

WARFLESH is one wild and lust filled ride from start to finish. Ms. Knox is a wonderful storyteller who kept me glued to the pages as I tried to see what would happen next as Fina and Jonathon went to negotiate and pay for the Spice Water. If you enjoy a highly erotic story with some amazing characters, then grab WARFLESH.

WARFLESH introduces you to a world where enhanced humans are the norm and considered highly valuable. Fina Brodie is one such person and her negotiation skills are excellent as she secures anything her superiors want. She is a woman who decides what pleasure to give but for this job, she finds herself not as the negotiator but the payment instead. What she doesn’t anticipate is having hunky Jonathon Raegh joining her as her partner/guard and that Lord Tir is so sexy. Can Fina do her job even as she finds herself drawn to the one man who broke her heart years ago? This author gives us some wonderfully intriguing characters amid WARFLESH. I loved the dynamics between Jonathon and Fina and as Kian joined them, the sexual tension simmered on high to keep the reader squirming in their seats. Add in hottie, Kian, Lord of Tir, stir and get ready to sample their charms. Ms. Knox does a masterful job in getting into the hearts of her characters within her stories and this was no exception.

WARFLESH is a highly enjoyable story full of multi-dimensional characters, sizzling hot sex and a mystery that engrosses the reader from start to finish. I am hoping Ms. Knox returns to the worlds of WARFLESH for more sizzling tales.


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Thanks for the great review, Dawn :)