Sunday, January 24, 2010


Publisher Changeling Press
Date published January 2010
ISBN 978-1-60521-3514
M/M, Paranormal
Obtained via: Publisher
Reviewed by Dawn

For Bedtime Stories webmaster, Carter Roth was content in his life with a job he loved and a lover he adored…when he was around that is. Brody Mann is a security expert for the government and more often than not, he was away on secret jobs than home. Carter knows something is missing in their sex life but is content with it until someone hacks into the Bedtime Stories Website, Carter is determined to make them pay until he finds out that this hacker knows more about Brody, Carter and their fizzled sex life than he should. Can Carter fix the website before he loses his job? Who is the mysterious hacker?

BEDTIME STORIES are a wonderful new multi-author series centered around a publisher and it’s behind the scenes crew. Headed by Troll, this is a fun, sexy way to see what goes on behind closed doors. Hunter Raines is a wonderful writer who lets the imagination fly in this story and creates characters that keep the reader intrigued and eager to know more. I loved the way Carter was drawn into losing himself in the one person who trusts him not to hurt him in any way and give himself up to passion he has been denying them both out of fear. The sexual tension is scorching hot between Carter and Brody and you get the sense of an inner struggle in Carter as he tries to keep himself from giving into that passion welled up inside. Hunter Raines is a masterful storyteller who delivers one hot, scorching story to heat up those cold winter nights.

In BEYOND BOUNDRIES, we meet Carter Roth, the webmaster for Bedtime Stories. Settled in a job he loves and in a relationship with a man who drives him wild- when he is home that is. Carter puts all his pent up energy in Bedtime Stories and when a mysterious hacker hits the Bedtime Stories site, he sees red until he finds out this person knows far too much about Carter, Brandon and their fizzled sex life. Can Carter find out who the heck this person is before his boss, Troll finds out and kills him? I loved Carter Roth and Brody Mann together. Here we got a vampire who has iron control on his darkest nature so he doesn’t hurt the one person who means so much to him and a man who is determined to break that control. With a deft flair, this author delivers multi-dimensional characters who capture the readers’ heart and in the process, leaves you eager for more.

is a wonderful story that will have you eager to know more about the other people behind the scenes at Bedtime Stories. With tight writing, fast paced storyline and some scorching hot sex scenes, Hunter Raines keeps the reader captivated and I certainly hope this author comes back for more in the future. If you need a quick heat blast, then grab BEYOND BOUNDRIES and settle in for one wild ride. I am looking forward to more Bedtime Stories in the future.


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