Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Samhain Publishing
Date published May 2009
ISBN 978-1-60504-529-0
Paranormal Romance Erotic
Obtained via: Publisher
Reviewed by Dawn

For Kit, being the Sariel Guard to the Mediator and his family means everything to him. Duty bound to protect them, Kit is something more than vampire, were and human; something that has him being summoned to a place he once called home long ago. Jesse has dreamed of Kit forever it seems and is now determined to prove that is all they were-dreams- Jesse finds herself face to face with people she thought were only figments of her imagination. Now racing along with the man of her dreams, she has to face the fact that the goddess has plans for Jesse and Kit and time is running out. For after a thousand years of duty, Kit has found his mate in Jesse but it may be too late for them both unless they can find a way to survive the tests that will either kill them or draw them even closer.

TWILIGHT GUARDIAN is the continuation of Ms. Alexander’s Children of the Goddess series and tells the tale of Kit, the Sariel guard who is duty bound to protect the mediator and his family. After seeing his two charges mated and raising their families, Kit finds himself drawn back into his home and the machinations of an enemy that will surely be his people’s downfall. Ms. Alexander continues to give us some wonderful characters to fall in love with and TWILIGHT GUARDIAN is no exception. With some beloved characters back from the first two books (Lux in Shadow and Regina in the Sun), we get to see the Kit’s past which we saw in previous books. I have to admit this series is one I can read over and over again. Full of lush settings, passion and some really yummy characters to sink your teeth into, the reader feels like they are at a banquet and it is hard to pick just one to sample. This is truly an author who gifts the reader with not just multi-dimensional characters but a storyline that captivates your imagination and transports you straight into the story itself. I was blown away by the sheer emotion I felt while reading Jesse and Kit’s story and was rooting for them to finally be able to be together. Just a word of warning- there are scenes in here of spanking, exhibition and more that may not appeal to everyone.

Meet Jesse, a photographer who has been dreaming of Kit for as long as she could remember. Determined to stop hiding behind the lens of her camera, she is determined to prove once and for all that Kit doesn’t exist in real life and to forget it all-just one problem, it all exists and Kit is all that and more in her eyes. Kit just thinks his Angel is a dream until she shows up in the flesh. Determined to not love her, Kit finds his heart is engaged even as he tries to protect the one woman he cares for more than life itself as he finds himself chosen to deal with an obligation for his family and people. These two are pure heat together. In a matter of minutes, I was rooting for both Kit and Jesse to get their happily ever after. With a deft touch of her pen, Ms. Alexander delivers a story full of romance, mystery and more that had me eager to turn the page to see what happens next. With returning characters, some new secondary ones and a hint of what is to come in a future book, Ms. Alexander engages the readers’ imagination and goes beyond that to touch their heart. TWILIGHT GUARDIAN is a story of possibilities that will be well satisfied by the time the last page is read.

TWILIGHT GUARDIAN is full of twists and turns that leaves you breathless and clamoring for more once the last page is read. With a climatic ending sure to leave you speechless, Ms. Alexander delivers a story that will have you gasping one minute and sighing in satisfaction the next. I do highly recommend reading the first two books (Regina in the Sun and Lux in Shadow) first as this continues the story from them. I am highly anticipating the next story in this wonderful series. If you enjoy a paranormal romance full of enigmatic characters, sensual passion and mystery, then grab TWILIGHT GUARDIAN. Just make sure you have your significant other or an ice bucket nearby to cool off once you are done. This is truly one author I am eager to read more of. Run, don’t walk, to grab TWILIGHT GUARDIAN and get ready for one wild ride.


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