Saturday, January 16, 2010


Publisher: Signet Eclipse
Publication Date: November 2007
ISBN: 978-0-45122263-3
Paranormal Romance
Reviewed by Gina
Obtained via library

Shortly after her eighteenth birthday, Kira Bedwell ventures on her dream vacation to Scotland. Everything about the country resonates to her very soul. Oh there is the odd annoyance such as her tour guide Wee Hughie, but she isn’t there for the tour guide. She is there to fulfill a life long dream. And that dream leads her to the remnants of Castle Wrath. Drawn to the ruins and their history Kira leaves the tour for an afternoon of wandering around the area on her own. On a decaying stair she glimpses a man, a Highland Chieftain, that she can never forget. Over the next twelve years she meets any number of men, but none compare to that dark warrior standing on the stair. And yet in a fashion, he is always with her. Night after night he comes to Kira in her dreams, loving her like no other can. Sadly, he is but a dream, a dream of a man who lives hundreds of years before.

After glimpsing a woman on his stairs, Aiden MacDonald has looked high and low to find her. He too dreams of this woman night after night. No other compares to her and he will not rest until he finds her. When she suddenly appears in his hall, Aiden knows his dream has come true. Yet how can he keep the woman from the future by his hearth and in his home?

HIGHLANDER IN HER DREAMS is the book I was hoping for when I picked up HIGHLANDER IN HER BED. I love time travels and found the concept of dreaming about each other before actually meeting in the flesh to be a wonderful twist in the story. A number of characters from HIGHLANDER IN HER BED visit in HIGHLANDER IN HER DREAMS. With their wonderfully contrived names and individual plights they provide an entertaining background to a wonderful love story.

There were a few aspects that I could have done without, but they were minimal compared to how well written and truly amusing the story was. I’m a stickler for accurate research and Ms. Mackay truly brings Aidan’s time period to life. What’s more, she recreates in the present day through the re-enactors at One Cairn Village.

Each book is a stand alone, however, I would encourage readers to read HIGHLANDER IN HER BED first if for no other reason than to meet some of the characters that share Kira’s story.


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