Saturday, January 23, 2010

MAJESTY MYSTERIES: SILVER SPIDER Majesty Mysteries Series Book 1 by Lena Austin

Publisher: Changeling Press
Date published: December 11th, 2009
ISBN: 978-1-60521-368-2
Paranormal, Alternative History, GLBT
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by: Publisher

Madge Majesty is thrilled to be going to the secretive Duke of Aberystwyth’s Murder Mystery weekend party but when she gets there, she finds that he is the first victim. With the help of her chauffer, Hayden, who also has talents that are outside the law, Madge has to find the murderer and solve the crime. The problem is all the suspects have some sexual secret to hide but Madge is on the case- for this harpy won’t rest until she solves her latest mystery to her satisfaction.

Oh god, I have to say that the SILVER SPIDER was one of the most wonderfully told stories I have read in a long time. Full of memorable characters, some scorching sex scenes and a mystery to keep the reader glued to see what happens next is all wrapped up within the pages of Ms. Austin’s latest masterpiece, SILVER SPIDER. I love Ms. Austin’s books and her latest story delivers everything to keep the reader enthralled. You have a fast paced storyline, multi-dimensional characters, a mystery and some sensual scenes that leave you squirming. I normally don’t read mysteries but the blurb for the story caught my attention and within a few minutes of starting SILVER SPIDER, I was engulfed within the story trying to figure out alongside Madge who killed the Duke. Ms. Austin deftly weaves her spell around you as you become enthralled within the pages of her latest story, SILVER SPIDER.

Ms. Austin has the knack to deliver characters that resonate with her readers and Madge Majesty is one of those characters that stay with the reader, long after the last page is read and the book closed. She was a hoot as she had me giggling so many times with her quips and Ms. Austin introduces some refreshingly wonderful secondary characters that kept the story flowing smoothly while Madge investigated. With Ms. Austin’s trademark writing style, she delivers a story that will leave you clamoring for more after the mystery is solved and Madge goes off into the sunset with her chauffer, Hayden. I am really hoping Ms. Austin delivers More Majesty Mysteries in the future. SILVER SPIDER is a pure literary gem that will keep you highly entertained from start to finish. If you want a unique story to enjoy, then grab MAJESTY MYSTERIES: SILVER SPIDER for one wild ride.


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Lena Austin said...

Thank you very much for the review! I too hope there will be more Majesty Mysteries in the future,