Saturday, January 16, 2010

A MOTHER’S SECRET by Janice Kay Johnson

Publisher: Harlequin Super Romance
Publication Date: December 2009
ISBN: 9780373716029
Contemporary Romance
Reviewed by Penny
Obtained via publisher

Rebecca has good reasons for not telling Daniel when they broke up that she was pregnant. She did not want any child of hers to have the same childhood that she had to endure, being shuffled from one parent to another. And didn’t Daniel make it clear that he was not interested in ever having children of his own?

Daniel has not seen Rebecca in five years. He is shocked to discover that she has kept a secret from him for all of these years, the fact that they share a son. Daniel’s own past makes him very sensitive to this deception. Can he ever get over it?

I enjoyed reading this story, however it contained so much back-story from the previous books about members of Daniel’s family that it did bore me and I found myself just quickly skimming parts of the book rather than reading them. With this book having limited space I felt that the characters could have used more depth to them and this could have been accomplished by down sizing the family history. However, I understand that some of this is necessary for this to be a stand-alone book.

I felt Daniel’s pain and anger at being kept in the dark about the existence of his son. Rebecca is the kind of heroine that I like in that she is an independent and stubborn woman. And while I disagree with the choices she made in keeping Malcolm a secret from his father, I can understand her motives based on her own childhood experiences. Both of these are good people at heart and you can’t help but root for them and hope for the happy ever after that they could have had five years ago had they been on the same page.

A MOTHER’S SECRET is a pleasurable read. I am sure lots of people will enjoy this story much more than I did. It has a lot going for it, like a handsome leading man, a strong-minded heroine, and a good plot.


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