Friday, January 15, 2010

RIDE THE LIGHTNING Tales of the Darkworld Book 4 by Lex Valentine

Publisher: Pink Petal Books
Date published: December 2009
ISBN: 978-0-9826023-0-0
Paranormal Erotic Romance/BDSM
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by publisher

Emily Carrington is a Red Dragon and thought she had found her mate in Black Dragon Vahid Delray. Between miscommunications, secrets and more they destroyed the bond that was growing between them. Both long for the other yet cannot admit they are falling in love. Can both dragons find a way to bridge the valley between them or will it all be for nothing?

is the next chapter in the Tales of the Darkworld Series by Lex Valentine. I loved this story. You have a ice-queen heroine, a hot blooded alpha hero and lots of issues to resolve between them. Ms. Valentine keeps the pace fast and the readers on the edge of their seats, hoping Emily and Vahid can work things out between them. The characters are a pure delight especially as both finally admit, even if to themselves, that they have fallen in love. For these two the path of love is fraught with trust issues and more. Can they finally admit to each other how they really feel for each other?

Meet Emily Carrington, a self-professed Ice Queen or so her mate Vahid Delray thinks. She doesn’t think he can ever love her and he doesn’t think he even likes her but two hearts are about to find that even love has no distinction. Secrets, betrayals and more are between them but for these two stubborn dragons, fate is about to throw them together in a way that will either bring them together again or tear them apart-forever. Ms. Valentine does a marvelous job in creating two of the best characters I have read. Both are insecure, have secrets they keep from the other and just seem to rub the other the wrong way yet they fall in love. With a sweep of her pen, this author captures her characters inner soul completely amid the pages of RIDE THE LIGHTNING and gives the reader a glimpse into their hearts as well. With a strong secondary cast of characters, new and old, RIDE THE LIGHTNING is a pure gem to read complete with some really hot scenes to keep the winter cold away.

is a strong story that will leave you breathless even as you flip the pages again to read your favorite parts. This is an author who completely captivates you as you read her books and this is no exception. With a wonderful cast of characters, twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat and some scorching love scenes that will make you squirm; Ms. Valentine is fast becoming my favorite author. I look forward to more stories set in her Darkworld. If you want a highly erotic dragon shifter book that will set the screen on fire, then grab RIDE THE LIGHTNING and settle in for one wild reading adventure. Just make sure to keep a bucket of ice handy nearby or your significant other.


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