Thursday, January 28, 2010

TEMPTATION by Leda Swann

Publisher: Avon Red
Date published: November 2009
ISBN: 978-0061672408
Erotic historical romance
Trade Paperback
Reviewed by Valerie
Obtained via publisher

Beatrice Clemens learns from her brother, who is a soldier in South Africa that there are many soldiers who haven’t got family to write to them. So, she gets her friends to pick a soldier and to send them letters from home. Beatrice begins a correspondence with Captain Percival Carterton and doesn’t think there is any harm when the letters get a little saucier. She’s looking for a steady husband and doesn’t believe she will ever meet Percival. Percival is utterly captured by Beatrice, and when he gets home he looks her up, determined to win her heart and marry her. But Beatrice may just get herself betrothed to another man, unless Percival can persuade Beatrice that it’s only in his arms that she will find true love and passion.

This is quite a nice, interesting and entertaining read. We are introduced to Beatrice and her friends. Beatrice is a very sensible woman; she works hard and is looking for a nice, steady husband. She may have found him. Reading the correspondence between her and Percival was interesting. I also enjoyed reading about the secondary characters and how they write to other soldiers, and get their happy endings too. I also liked the way the sexual tension builds up until in the last part of the book, things get so hot, the reader may need to keep an iced drink very close. This author, who is actually a collaboration of two people, has written a tale that will keep you entertained. For me, personally, I felt it lacked real emotions and the characters didn’t really leap out at me. Other than that, I did enjoy this story and can recommend it.


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