Tuesday, January 12, 2010

WONDROUS STRANGE by Lesley Livingston

Publisher: Harper teen
Date published: September 2009
ISBN: 978-0-06-157539-6
Young Adult Fantasy Contemporary
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by: Publisher

In NYC, Seventeen year old Kelley is living her dream of working in theater and when she is told to take the lead after a misfortune of the leading lady, she is thrilled yet scared to death. Until one night she meets someone who shows her a world she has only read about in fairytales and finds herself drawn into a fight that will have both worlds in disarray. Can Kelley, Sonny and the rest of the Janus Guard stop the battle from spilling over as secrets of Kelley’s parents are revealed?

WONDROUS STRANGE is a perfect blend of fairies, Magic and theater all set in New York City. This is a new author to me and I was sucked into her world of magic gates, fairies, changelings and more within the pages of WONDROUS STRANGE. The characters are captivating, the setting magical and the mysteries kept me intrigued as I flipped the pages to see what would happen next. The book does start a bit slow as the author sets up the story and introduces all the players to you but once that is done the story moves fast to keep the reader entertained till the very last page.

Ms. Livingston introduces the reader to Kelley and her wacky friends in the theater. I loved the way this author kept me giggling as some of the secondary characters quipped their way thru a scene. It kept the story flowing smoothly especially as you get the point of view through both Kelley and Sonny’s eyes. It does slow a bit in the middle but then heats up again to the climatic ending that leaves you stunned and gasping for more. With kelpies, hell hounds, Fae and more, the author leads the reader on a journey as Kelley and Sonny find themselves caught in a battle brewing in the Fae to the mystery surrounding Kelley’s parentage. With all that and more in the pages of WONDROUS STRANGE, Ms. Livingston delivers a spellbinding story for any age to enjoy. I look forward to seeing where she takes us in the next chapter for Kelley, Sonny and the world of the Fae.


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